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Friday, December 19, 2008

RSC approves CCHS budget

On December 9, the Concord-Carlisle Regional School Committee (RSC) voted to adopt the “Tier II Budget” of $22,494,531 for Fiscal Year 2010 (FY10), a 5.21% increase over the current FY09 budget.

Carlisle’s share

Carlisle’s portion is $5,290,238 for the educational portion of the budget, or an increase of $266,380 over FY09. There is also $210,642 for debt exclusion, a decrease in the excluded debt service of roughly $60,000 over the FY09 budget. This brings the total increase for Carlisle to $208,585.

Revenue assumptions

This Tier II budget includes $19,583,053 in assessment revenue, $220,000 from the Excess & Deficiency Account, $25,000 from investment income and $5,000 from miscellaneous accounts. It is based on level-funding from the state including $1,925,396 of Chapter 70 aid, Regional Transportation Reimbursement of $402,789, Charter Tuition Reimbursements of $44,343 and MSBA reimbursement of $288,950. The RSC will have to address any decreases in state aid as those numbers become available.

RSC Chair Peter Fischelis said, “We took a lot of hits [to the RSD budget] five to six years ago and it’s taken a long time to get back. The system is fragile. It takes a long time to recover from cuts. I will support this [Tier II budget], but I wish we could fund more.” Concord could have afforded a 6% increase to the RSD budget without requiring an override. Fischelis would have liked to use that budget, rather than the Tier II budget with only a 5.2% increase. He asked what Carlisle was looking at down the road. “[If Carlisle cannot increase its funding], We are going to see cuts every year,” RSC member Dale Ryder said. “We are aware of this.” Jerry Wedge pointed out that Carlisle will probably need an override for the Tier II budget.

Concord Warrant

Because the Town of Concord’s Town Meeting is held much earlier than Carlisle’s, the RSC approved Warrant Articles for Concord at this meeting. Besides approving the Tier II budget for the RSD, it also approved a Warrant Article for CCHS Improvements for $750,000. This money will be used for repair and renovation to the school, improvements to safety systems and for remediation of space constraints. ∆

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