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Friday, December 19, 2008

School closing leaves some students stranded

Last Friday’s ice storm caused more than messy driving for some Carlisle parents. Unaware that school was closed due to the ice storm, some students were dropped at school while others were waiting for buses that did not come. To add to the confusion, Concord-Carlisle High School remained open, while other towns including Acton and Chelmsford closed schools.

School-closing notification was broadcast on the major channels as early as 6:30 a.m., but not everyone checked the news.

There was a definite storm line through the town. On the north and west sides of town, severe icing brought down wires, trees and branches. Closer to Concord the ice was less severe, covering just the tops of the taller trees. Flooding was a problem on many side roads and some homes and businesses, such as Ferns, lost power. The east side of town had almost no ice and no power failures.

When asked why the “quick notify” automated phone system was not used to let families know of the school closing, Superintendent Marie Doyle wrote in an email: “The CSA Board recommended that we not use Notify Quick for “no school” days as this costs us per call made. The Board felt that that fund should go to the school, and that parents should be responsible for checking. The power outage made this difficult, as even Notify Quick would not reach homes that had power out and phones run by electricity. I suggest that parents hook into the free cell phone call/text message from TV stations to be certain that they know when there is no school.” For more information on notification regarding snow days or delays see the Carlisle School website: ∆

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