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Friday, December 12, 2008

Shorts from the CSC, December 3

• Girls’ ice hockey. Superintendent Marie Doyle reported that Concord-Carlisle High School is trying to develop a girls’ ice hockey team. However, she explained, the school hasn’t been able to attract enough high school girls so CCHS has invited Concord and Carlisle middle school girls to participate. Doyle said she had concerns about safety but “the coach is being careful on sizes,” she explained, and assured her he won’t pit large girls against smaller girls. She said at least two girls from Carlisle have expressed an interest. Committee member Louis Salemy said he knows the girls’ hockey team coach and he is “a good coach.”

• CSA donation. The CSC voted to accept $15,303 in grants from the Carlisle School Association. Each fall and spring the CSA Grants Committee reviews requests and awards grants to the staff of Carlisle School. The funds are raised through CSA memberships as well as other fundraising activities.

• 8th grade trip. Committee member Dale Ryder asked for the status of the eighth-grade trip. The school administrators could not give her an update. Traditionally each year the whole eighth grade, along with teachers and volunteers, travel to an overnight location for educational activities and entertainment. ∆


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