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Friday, December 12, 2008

Carlisle Auto Body license renewed

The Zoning Board of Appeals had only one item on the agenda for their December 4 meeting, held in the Heald Room at Town Hall. William Luther appeared in front of the board to request the continuation of the special permit to operate Carlisle Auto Body.

Prior to 1997, Carlisle Auto Body operated at its current facility under a pre-existing nonconforming use. In 1997, William Luther requested a special permit and was granted a 20-year permit with renewal every five years. Luther did not request a renewal last year and so the permit expired. The board was willing to overlook this and consider whether to extend the original permit for its third five-year period or grant a new permit.

Luther presented some of the history of the facility, which has been home to Carlisle Auto Body since 1977. The facility is one of the few businesses in Carlisle that meet the mandated parking requirements. There have been no accidents entering or leaving the parking lot. Deliveries are frequent but unobtrusive. All solvents are stored on site until picked up by a subsidiary of Clean Harbors for safe disposal. Luther also emphasized that he gets along quite well with the neighbors and has received almost no complaints.

One board member pointed out that a “20-year permit with renewal every five years” is a bit convoluted and suggested that the previous permit be dropped and a new five-year permit voted on. The remaining members, however, felt that finishing out the 20-year permit was the easiest approach, noting that the ZBA had done significant due diligence in drafting that permit. In the end, the board voted unanimously to continue Carlisle Auto Body’s 20-year permit, with the next renewal coming up in 2012. Luther thanked the board and the meeting was adjourned. ∆

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