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Friday, December 12, 2008

Carlisle School looks at capital expenses

Carlisle School Superintendent Marie Doyle told the Carlisle School Committee on December 3 that over $1.2 million in capital projects needed by the school have been moved to the repairs and renovations list for the School Building project. Included in the list are replacing the roofs on the Corey Building and the Wilkins Building, installing new heating units in Corey, replacing gym lockers, and replacing the auditorium curtain. The School Building Committee has included the repairs as part of its project proposal submitted to the Massachusetts School Building Authority.

The remaining capital items for FY10, part of the Long-Term Capital (LTC) budget, are listed as priority 1, 2, or 3 (see table).

Wendell Sykes, a member of both the CSC and the Long-Term Capital Requirements Committee, reported the LTC is trying to move “annual” costs, such as computers, out of the LTC budget. CSC member Bill Fink pointed out, “But that means our [the school’s] operating budget will need to rise by $80,000.” He asked if the plan was to have the town vote to move the money from the LTC budget to the school budget. “No,” explained CSC chair Chad Koski. “They want us to add the $80,000 to our budget and they will keep $80,000 in their budget.” “Why would we possibly agree to that?” asked Fink. Sykes said the LTC has a limited amount of funds. “It was Thornton Ash’s idea” to limit support for computers and other “annual items,” he explained. “Computers are a capital item,” replied Fink. “It is a capital item,” agreed Doyle. “You can’t ask us to absorb $80,000 or $100,000 every year.” She said she had a meeting scheduled with LTC and would update the committee after her meeting. “I think we can work things out,” she said. ∆

Carlisle Public Schools 2010 Capital Project Priority List

Priority Location Capital Requests Cost

1 Campus-wide Annual Maintenance $25,000

1 Spalding Annual roof repairs $10,000

1 Campus-wide Annual technology

replacement – network $20,000

1 Campus-wide Annual technology

replacement – computers $80,000

2 Wilkins replace Wilkins lockers $12,000

3 Campus-wide Furniture $2,000

3 Cafeteria Dishwasher replacement $30,000

Total $179,000

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