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Friday, December 5, 2008

Metro PCS wireless antenna approved

Attorney Jason Ellis, an associate at Prince, Lobel, Glovsky and Tye, represented Metro PCS on November 10 at the Planning Board’s continued public hearing for a special permit application to install a wireless communications antenna at 871 Bedford Road (Map11, Lot 1). Metro PCS’s new “stealth” wireless antenna will be at the lowest location (136 feet) within the previously constructed 189-foot monopole, owned by Bay Communications, LLC.

Having worked through the details with attorney Brian Grossman at prior meetings, the board unanimously approved the application but requested that the new position for a “whip antenna” presently installed on the monopole meet the approval of the Police Chief. Ellis concurred. The whip antenna is used for the town’s police and emergency personnel communications.

The monopole already contains antennas owned by Nextel/Sprint, Omnipoint/TMobile and ATT/Cingular. According to Carlisle Building Commissioner John Luther, over the past two years the three existing antennas were given permits to power up and begin operations. ∆

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