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Friday, November 28, 2008


Local animal shelter bursting at the seams with cats

The current financial hardship is causing more families to surrender their pets. According to Grace Jeans, board president of the Lowell Humane Society, “During holidays we generally see a surge in [the number of] animals surrendered. People get stressed out.” ...more

The Grapes of Wrath moves onstage at CCHS on December 5

The stage of Concord-Carlisle High School (CCHS) will soon be covered with scraggly trees, broken-down houses and...a truck? ...more

Around Home: Misgivings aside, a pet makes family life happier, not harder

Exactly two years ago, I wrote an essay about my resistance to acquiring a pet. At the time, I felt that keeping my household of people up and running was the best I could do; I believed I had no time or energy left over to care for four-legged creatures. ...more

Biodiversity Corner: Thanksgiving

Species traditionally associated with Thanksgiving were not showing their faces this week. The obvious candidate would be the turkey, but the only ones I’ve seen lately are in my stock portfolio. The cranberry has already had its turn in this column, so too has the late fall oyster mushroom which makes a good addition to the turkey stuffing. Since I’m in ...more

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