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Friday, November 14, 2008


Local lives enriched by ties to Transylvania

Mention Transylvania and most people look puzzled. Is it a country? Does it really exist outside of Halloween lore? (Think Dracula.) If it does, where is it? ...more

Carlisle School honors veterans

Patriotic songs and hearty thanks were offered to Carlisle veterans, their families and friends, during a special Veterans Day event hosted by the Carlisle School kindergartners and third graders. Students sat with veterans, asking about their experiences and sharing letters of thanks the students had created. Superintendent Marie Doyle reminded the students ...more

Local food pantries need your help

One of the pleasures of the holiday season is bonding with family and friends around a great meal. But for families who have lost their jobs, face foreclosure or are struggling to make ends meet, this simple pleasure could be a luxury. These difficult economic times are devastating to increasing numbers of families who are forced to rely on local food pantries ...more

Expanding nature through computer technology

The current exhibit at the Gleason Library features a wide variety of prints by Fred Casselman of Earth Echo Galleries. They all share one unifying factor: they started from a photograph of nature. Casselman then applies his computer software tools and artistic talent to develop the flat image into a work of art. Unlike the traditional echo that copies an original ...more

Savoyards open Annie Get Your Gun tonight

The Savoyard Light Opera Company (SLOC) has an uncanny talent for taking the oldest of old chestnuts and giving them new and vigorous life. They are doing exactly that with Annie Get Your Gun this weekend and next in Corey Auditorium. ...more

Local expert will reveal history of Tophet Swamps

There are several Tophet Swamps, says historian Daniel Boudillion, and with very few exceptions, all are unique to Massachusetts. Carlisle, of course, has its own Tophet Swamp and on Thursday, November 20, from 7 to 9 p.m. in the Hollis Room at Gleason Library, Boudillion will speak on “Tophet Swamps: Devils and Indians in Colonial Massachusetts.” The free ...more

biodiversity corner - Savannah Sparrow Passerculus sandwichensis

If you are walking around the edges of open fields in Carlisle in the spring and fall, you are likely to see a Savannah Sparrow, a fairly common migrant. It can be confused with the similar-looking and much more common Song Sparrow, which is found in similar habitats. When in doubt, look carefully at the bird and then consult a field guide. ...more

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