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Friday, November 14, 2008

Carlisle School Committee shorts, November 5

Fifth graders like two-teacher teams. Middle School Principal Joyce Mehaffey reported to the Carlisle School Committee (CSC) meeting on November 5 about a recent meeting with students to find out how well the fifth graders were adjusting to having two teachers. Previously students have had one teacher in fifth grade but jumped to a four-teacher teaching team in sixth grade. Now the students are slowly introduced to team-teaching by having two fifth-grade teachers who each teach two subjects. “The kids liked the fact that teachers taught only a couple of subjects,” she said. They thought the structure allows teachers to be “more expert” in their area, which she said was a very mature response from the students.

Disability awareness. Director of Student Services Karen Slack attended the first Carlisle Special Education Parent Action Committee meeting of the school year. Parents at the meeting suggested the school “look at ways to educate the general population about different kinds of disabilities.” She said the school is considering ways to incorporate disability awareness into the curriculum.

Committee member Bill Fink asked Slack to explain how Special Education students are assessed. Students receiving Special Education services are evaluated every three years or “in a shorter time if they need additional services, or they have achieved their goals,” Slack replied. In addition, yearly meetings review services offered to students with Individualized Education Plans (IEPs).

Budget talks. CSC Chair Chad Koski said he and committee member Louis Salemy have begun meetings with the Carlisle Finance Committee (FinCom) to discuss next year’s school budget. “It looks like a very small increase,” Koski said.

Committee member Wendell Sykes reported that the Long Term Capital Requirements Committee (LTRC) is pushing back on town departments in regard to requests for smaller capital items “such as holsters,” he said. He said the LTRC would like small items, including computers, to be purchased through departmental budgets instead of long-term capital funds.

The “mistake” room. Fink said the School Building Committee may be able to reduce the school construction square footage by remodeling a little-used space in the Corey Building. When the Corey Building was built, the foundation was mistakenly made too large, he explained, and an extra room of about 1,450 square feet, now called the “mistake room,” was created. The high-ceilinged, narrow space is currently used for storage. Owner Project Manager (OPM) Sean Fennell toured the facility with the SBC and suggested ways to remodel the space.

Personnel issue. The committee adjourned to Executive Session to discuss a “personnel issue.” ∆

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