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Friday, November 14, 2008

DPW improves Stearns Street drainage

Superintendent of Public Works Gary Davis stood inside a trench being dug across Stearns Street last week. (Photo by Cynthia Sorn)

The Carlisle Department of Public Works (DPW) is seeking a permanent solution to flooding that occurs around the intersection of Stearns Street and Bedford Road. Last Wednesday a large trench was dug across Stearns Street in order to place a drainage pipe which will connect to a leaching field, explained DPW Superintendent Gary Davis (see photo on left). Earlier in the week another trench had been dug and additional pipes installed along the south side of Stearns Street leading to the intersection. The goal is to prevent water from collecting and contributing to ice build up in the winter, Davis said. Though the DPW tried to have Stearns Street open throughout the project, on Friday all traffic had to be detoured around Baldwin Road until the trench was filled in. ∆

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