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Friday, November 7, 2008

Election Results

On the left, Sandy Scott joins State Senator Susan Fargo and Jean Bagnaschi in holding signs for Democratic candidates and against Ballot Question 1 near Town Hall on Election Day. (Photo by Beth Clarke) Across the driveway (left to right) Steve McClure, Rochelle Landon, Carl Andreassen and Judy Larson ask voters to support Republican candidates, along with Ballot Questions 1 and 4. (Photo by Beth Clarke)

It’s official – Carlisle passes Question 4 and sheds “dry” status

Carlisle voters turned out in large numbers to cast their ballots on November 4 in an unusual election with far-reaching local, state and national ramifications. A total of 3,231 of the town’s 3,740 registered voters participated. ...more

The Reverend Diane Miller settles in to the FRS

One of the first things you notice about Diane Miller, the new settled minister at the First Religious Society (FRS), is her voice. It is low, clear and lovely. It is a musical voice, one that is both easy and stimulating to listen to. A voice, in short, that is perfectly suited to what the Reverend Miller does: both public and private speaking. She speaks ...more

The Reverend Diane Miller of the First Religious Society wears a tree-decorated stole made for her by her previous congregation in Walnut Creek, California. (Photo by Beth Clarke)


Police Chief urges “call anytime” to deter crime

Chief John Sullivan of the Carlisle Police visited the Board of Selectmen (BOS) on October 28 for a routine report on operations. He noted an increase in both housebreaks and white collar crime. He also made the case for continuing with police details on many road projects instead of hiring civilian flaggers. ...more

Assessors to adjust property valuations

Although it is not a revaluation year, the recent drop in real estate prices has prompted the Board of Assessors to undertake an interim evaluation of Carlisle home values. Most assessments will be reduced; however, board chair Jim Marchant hastens to note that this will not mean a reduction in taxes. Instead, the tax rate will rise to maintain revenue at a ...more


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