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Friday, October 31, 2008


No spooky tombstones in Central Burying Ground

On a brilliant autumn afternoon, four days before Halloween, the Central Burying Ground looked and felt positively serene. Granted, the sun was out, the sky was cobalt blue, and this visitation was not made in the dark of night. Traditionally, cemeteries are the playground of ghosts and goblins on Halloween, but Carlisle’s old burying ground couldn’t be ...more

Many seniors rely on COA services

“Old age is not for sissies,” Bette Davis is reported to have said. That’s particularly true in Carlisle where limited town services, lack of public transportation, and distant neighbors can make it a challenge to stay put as you age. With more Carlisle residents entering their senior years, and in some cases, bringing elderly parents to town, the support ...more

Ghost stories I have known

In an old shop in New Hampshire, off the beaten path and set back from the road, I found a worn little book called Ghost stories I have known (some true). The cover bore what appeared to be an illustration from a 1950s-era children’s book and, even more intriguing, when I opened it, I found the book to be blank. “What?” I thought. “Am I supposed to ...more

Watch out for the Asian Longhorned Beetle

The Asian Longhorned Beetle (ALB) has been in the news again because of the infestation found in Worcester last summer. It is not yet known to be in Carlisle or adjacent towns, but we should be on the alert because it can be inadvertently moved around the country in firewood. The pest has had approximately ten years to hitch a ride outside of the newly created ...more

Biodiversity Corner: Bold Jumping Spider

This is the second appearance of the Bold Jumping Spider in this column. The first was on June 18, 2004, when Tom Brownrigg wrote about the one he had found once in his shower. (You can read the archived version online at ...more

Around Home: We’re a generation of electronic multi-taskers – but we’re still attentive parents

The stylishly dressed grandmother, sitting near me at the indoor pool that my kids and I occasionally visit, clearly thought she’d found a kindred spirit. For most of the morning she’d watched me splashing in the water with my six-year-old daughter, holding her as she attempted to float on her back and throwing pool toys for her to swim out and retrieve. ...more

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