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Friday, October 31, 2008

Shorts from the Board of Health, October 28

Brook Street beavers. Dave Reed of Page Brook Road, along with Corey Lofdahl of Peter Hans Road and Tom Rourk of Craigie Circle, asked the board to direct the DPW to install water mitigation devices as well as cages to prevent dams on Maple Street and Brook Street. Reed has already installed both on his own property which helped the situation but not enough. Rourk claims he has never seen the water level as high as it is now at this time of year. He and Lofdahl are very concerned about the threat to their septics and ultimately their wells next spring. Citing a potential public health problem, the board unanimously approved the permit pending approval from the Conservation Commission.

480 Cross Street. Ben Ewing of Stamski and McNary presented the homeowners’ request to replace their failing three-bedroom septic with a four-bedroom system. In order to accommodate the larger system, they must also move the well. While the homeowners have no plans to add an additional bedroom or sell, they feel the larger system would make the property marketable in the future. The board unanimously approved the design with the caveat they are not approving a change to the footprint of the current house to add bedrooms.

Emergency telephone notification system. Linda Fantasia reported the board has $2,000 from the state allocated to an emergency telephone notification system. A new system will cost between $5,000 and $6,000. The board agreed Fantasia should purchase the new system. In the meantime, they will pursue other sources of funds to make up the difference.

Mosquito Control Program. The board agreed to support the larvicide approach to the Mosquito Control Program. They do not support spraying to kill adult mosquitoes. Carlisle is the only community in the region which does not implement any form of mosquito control. Board Chair Jeffrey Brem suggested adding a volunteer contribution section to the tax bill in order to fund the program. ∆

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