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Friday, October 24, 2008


Carlisle’s housing market is alive and well

Trying to sell a house in Carlisle these days could make you an object of pity. With every week bringing more bad news about mortgages, investments, and housing prices, you may wonder if there’s any chance at all. But Laura Baliestiero of Coldwell Banker has some encouraging words: “The Carlisle housing market is alive and well. Houses are selling and plenty ...more

Carlisle School Scrabble Club has fun with words

“I love words and anagramming,” says Carlisle fifth-grader Sam Heinrich. “Scrabble helps me discover obscure words.” ...more

Yesterday’s toys delight today’s children at Heald House event

On a cool Sunday afternoon, several Carlisle families gathered at the Heald House barn for a program called “Yesterday’s Play,” sponsored by the Carlisle Historical Society. ...more

Biodiversity Corner: Wild Cucumber

The wild cucumber is a native plant found in the eastern half of the U.S. This particular specimen was spotted by Katharine Endicott on October 19 in the Great Meadows National Wildlife Refuge in an open area near the Greenough Land. The plant is an annual, and the leaves were already gone but the seed pods caught her eye. ...more

The Scenic Route : Peterborough, New Hampshire

If you are in the mood to meander on a fine fall weekend, try taking the scenic route to Peterborough, New Hampshire. The drive, which takes about 90 minutes, winds through quaint towns, past vistas of open fields and Mount Monadnock, finally landing in Peterborough, a lovely town with the literary claim to fame as the setting for Thornton Wilder’s play, ...more

Living the low-carbon diet

Last July I joined with the Barton, Jolly, Luoma, Zimmaro and Webster households to form a low-carbon living team (LoCaL: Carlisle). Our goal is to reduce our carbon footprints by 5,000 pounds per household. As a team, we began by measuring our household carbon footprints, using a simple online calculator. Our carbon footprints ranged from a low of 36,000 pounds ...more

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