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Friday, October 24, 2008

Spalding School Building closed on Tuesday while boiler fixed

Kindergarten and first graders at the Carlisle School had an unscheduled vacation day on Tuesday due to a broken boiler in the Spalding Building. However, through good planning and good luck, the boiler was repaired in one day.

“The boiler was off after lunch on Monday,” explained Carlisle School Superintendent Marie Doyle. She said Building and Grounds Supervisor David Flannery and his crew were instrumental in having the repair run so smoothly. “They had everything ready for the plumber.” Doyle had a look at the boiler and said the crack was substantial.

Flannery said that he had been keeping an eye on the boiler; “A couple of weeks ago we noticed a small amount of water on the boiler room floor in Spalding.” After the boiler was warmed up on Monday morning after the weekend, a long crack was seen, which began to expand. Flannery said, “We shut the boiler down and called our contractor who had already, during the previous week, done some checking into a boiler section replacement. Fortunately there was a section available in Methuen that would fit our 21-year-old boiler. We isolated the boiler from the heating system and work began last night to prepare for the section replacement.” On Tuesday morning the boiler was repaired by Cullen Heating Service.

K-1 grades kept home

Doyle said the classrooms became cold on Monday after the boiler was shut down, so the first graders were taken to the library for the afternoon (the kindergartners had a half day). The decision to keep students home on Tuesday was made “after we looked at every possibility” to house them in other classrooms, Doyle explained. “If we bumped the older students” out of their classrooms, the materials and facilities would not have been appropriate for kindergartners and first graders, she said. The cafeteria was too cold to use all day, she added. She said they were certain the boiler would be repaired in one day. “Parents were wonderful about it,” she said. “They were very understanding.” ∆

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