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Friday, October 24, 2008

Thanks to Spaghetti Supper volunteers

To the Editor:

On behalf of Carlisle School’s sixth-grade class, we would like to thank the many, many people who worked so hard and contributed so much to make this year’s Spaghetti Supper a huge success. We were blessed with lovely autumn weather and it seemed to us as though the entire Carlisle community came out to support our sixth graders. As most of you know, the funds raised at the Spaghetti Supper go directly to support the class play and eighth-grade graduation.

Our warmest thanks to the school administration, the cafeteria and custodial staff and to the faculty for their support and cooperation, without which the supper would not be possible. Our deepest gratitude to our wonderful parents who chaired committees, trained and organized the students to sell tickets and serve as wait staff, who procured the necessary food items, who supervised the student artwork and took photos of the children, who decorated the cafeteria for the dinner and then stayed late to take it all down, who pounded pavements rounding up raffle items, who publicized the event, made the sauce, salads, bread and cookies, who worked in the kitchen all evening, and others who stayed late to clean it all up. Thank you to each and every one of you who donated your time, resources and energies to ensure that this year’s supper went off without a hitch.

And of course, a huge thank you to you, the Carlisle community, for buying dinner and raffle tickets and for coming out to enjoy a delicious spaghetti supper with the sixth graders and their families. We loved serving you and hope to see you back again next year.

Dale Ryder

Seema Peterson

Kathleen Ryder Hauser

Spaghetti Supper chairs

Support for Martinez

To the Editor:

Sandi Martinez, Massachusetts State Senate candidate, is rooted in her constituents and what their needs and desires are. She likes to ask them, “What are your concerns?”

As a result of the answers, Martinez has set her priorities at 1) jobs and economy, 2) taxes that are too high and 3) transparency and accountability.

In fact, as senator, the first bill she files will be to require the state to open its “checkbook” so that we all can see how our money is being spent. Several states have already launched what they call “Google Government” to use the Internet to make accessible detailed information about where taxpayer dollars go. But why would the incumbent, Susan Fargo, vote against government financial transparency amendments in both 2007 and 2008? It certainly keeps us in the dark as to expenditures to corporate entities and on state contracts. Martinez asks, “What do they have to hide?”

Having been a small business owner, Sandi Martinez understands business needs and is against the out-of-control taxes that drive away businesses. Are people aware of how many tax increases have been foisted on the Commonwealth by the legislature in the past couple of years? For example, bill H4672 increases business taxes by $500 million. This increase burdens business and forces companies to relocate to lower tax states. We lose valuable jobs as a result. The incumbent, Susan Fargo, voted for this damaging tax increase this year. Later this year Fargo voted for another tax increase of close to $500 million, this time on corporations, several of which are out-of-state corporations that can move their employees elsewhere. By increasing these taxes, we are once again pitting our state against lower tax states where employers will consider moving jobs to reduce costs.

Martinez is well aware that reducing taxes can actually bring more revenue to the state because business is attracted to locate in low-tax states. She will work to see that burdensome business taxes are a thing of the past and that there is transparency in government expenditures.

Sandi Martinez is the outstanding choice for State Senator.

Sally J. Naumann

Lowell Street

Support for Obama

To the Editor:

There are many important issues and differences in the upcoming presidential election which is proving to be the mother of all elections. Although the economy is definitely the number one issue, health care is certainly one of the other important challenges facing the nation.

As a physician for the past thirty plus years, I have seen a number of attempts to control costs and improve access, none of which have been more than marginally successful. I believe that Senator Obama’s plan which would improve access and potentially make insurance coverage available to all Americans is an important initiative. Although there are many difficulties in controlling costs, it is morally indefensible that so many of our fellow citizens are forced to obtain medical care through the Emergency Departments or do without care at all.

Senator McCain’s plan which provides for vouchers relies on the private sector and market forces which have been neither effective nor equitable in either controlling costs or improving access to health care.

For his position on health care as well as his approach to government as an arm of the citizenry helping to solve our problems including the economy, energy, education and infrastructure and international issues, I am therefore enthusiastically supporting Senator Barack Obama for president.

Dr. Lincoln Pinsky

Fifty Acre Way

Newcomers say thanks

To the Editor:

We recently moved to Carlisle and are continually amazed at what a supportive and friendly community we have found. Last week was no different. My boys, and the other Carlisle Cub Scouts, were excitedly selling popcorn at Ferns and the Transfer Station. It is their once-a-year fundraiser. The day was a success and the money raised goes to buying the monthly awards these Scouts are eagerly earning, and to other operating costs. We would like to thank the many people who supported the Scouts, who patiently watched out for them at the Transfer Station, and to Ferns for kindly allowing the Scouts to set up on their sales corner.

Sandy Eisenbies

Heald Road

Senior dining program kick-off a success

To the Editor:

The Council on Aging would like to thank all the volunteers of St. Irene Church for hosting the first of the three churches involved in the newest Senior Dining Program. There were over thirty seniors attending. The meal was delicious and all the special touches such as festive table decorations, cider and friendly volunteers made the first lunch of this program a success. Thank you to Father Donohue, Reverend Greer and Reverend Miller for giving our seniors another opportunity to come together in friendship and community spirit. This program is co-funded by Minuteman Senior Services, the COA, the Concord-Carlisle Community Chest and the Inn at Robbins Brook. The next Senior Dining lunch will be hosted by First Religious Society on Wednesday, November 5 at noon. To sign up, call the COA at 1-978-371-2895.

Kathy Mull

COA Director

Support for Fargo

To the Editor:

Please vote for our State Senator, Susan Fargo, in November. Susan is one of the leading lights in the Senate. She chairs the Public Health Committee and is responsible for much critical health care legislation, including the affordable prescription drug program for seniors, the Patient Bill of Rights and expanded coverage for mental health, diabetes and cancer. She has increased funding for local schools and special education. She has fought for veterans, working especially hard to keep the Bedford VA open. She was a leader in rebuilding Route 3 and other transportation projects. She is a strong environmentalist.

As a member of the Senate Ways and Means Committee, she has voted for over 40 tax cuts for real tax relief and helped to pass a bill to reduce senior citizen property taxes. Yet she strongly opposes Proposition 1, which is on the ballot now. This bill would eliminate about 40% of tax revenue and force drastic cuts in state agency spending. It would mean major cuts in local funding and aid to schools, as well as transportation projects, health and social services, public safety and the environment that would affect all of us.

Please vote for a Senator with a long track record of listening to us and helping our communities, while leading and enacting thoughtful, critical state legislation. Please vote for Senator Susan Fargo.

Richard Beinecke

Bedford Court, Concord

Marlene Fine

Acton Street, Carlisle

Don’t ignore the voter

To the Editor:

The silly season is upon us. On my way through Carlisle to my place of business, I noted signs sprouting up on lawns in support of various local candidates. Two of these candidates are Senator Fargo and Representative Atkins. I find it necessary to oppose their re-election. On September 2, I sent each of them a copy of a letter written to the governor’s office. The letter took issue with a state agency that is imposing a tax on small music stores in the Commonwealth, including my own. The tax threatens the very existence of these small businesses. I requested their help. So far there has been no reply to my letter.

As a resident of Carlisle for 42 years, I expected at least an acknowledgment of my plea by either the legislators or by members of their staff. Obviously, they didn’t find my circumstance worthy of their consideration. I am registered as an Independent and often split my vote. Democrat or Republican is of no consequence to me. Being ignored by my legislators will not earn my vote.

William F. Brown

Heald Road

LWVCC says thanks

To the Editor:

Last Sunday, the League of Women Voters of Concord-Carlisle (“LWVCC”) hosted a Candidates Forum at the Concord Town House featuring our State Representative candidates, Rep. Cory Atkins and Mr. Richard McClure. LWVCC also videotaped seven Concord-Carlisle High School students skillfully presenting pros and cons of the three November 4 Ballot Questions. Channel 8 will air those League voter education programs over the next two weeks.

LWVCC thanks all who made Sunday’s programs possible – Rep. Atkins and Mr. McClure; moderator Nancy Carapezza of Wayland; the CCHS students and their teacher, Johanna Glazer; and the Town of Concord, which generously opened the doors of the Town House for the afternoon.

The campaign of State Senate candidate Sandra Martinez has questioned why LWVCC did not include her in our October 19 forum, and Ms. Martinez and her supporters demonstrated outside the Town House during the League forum. The League of Women Voters, at the national, state and local levels, is a non-partisan, political organization that never supports or opposes candidates for elective office. LWVCC follows longstanding rules against “empty chair” debates, which are debates in which only one candidate for a contested office appears. Empty chair debates favor the candidate who is allowed to speak, and LWVCC will not sponsor a forum that gives a public platform to only one candidate in a contested election. Thus, because Sen. Susan Fargo, Ms. Martinez’s opponent in the State Senate race, declined LWVCC’s invitation to participate in a candidate forum in Concord this fall, we had to limit our forum to the State Representative race.

Educating voters about candidates is central to the League’s mission. Sen. Fargo and Ms. Martinez met recently in local League debates in nearby Sudbury and Chelmsford. Last week, LWVCC obtained from the LWV of Sudbury a DVD of its October 14 Candidates’ Night and delivered it to CCTV for multiple airings on Channel 8. We are striving to help all Concord and Carlisle residents become informed voters in the 2008 election. LWVCC thanks our communities for their support.

Erin Pastuszenski

Candidates Forum Organizer

League of Women Voters of Concord-Carlisle

COA thanks Concord-Carlisle Community Chest

To the Editor:

The Carlisle Council on Aging recently received another very generous supplemental grant from the Concord-Carlisle Community Chest to help support the salary of our Licensed Social Worker. This grant provides the services of the social worker in Carlisle for six hours a week. Our social worker has extensive experience, skills and ability to supplement the work the COA already does on a daily basis in providing information, referrals, family assistance, and advocating for our most vulnerable seniors. Once again, we are very grateful for the Community Chest’s continued support, community spirit and concern for the well being of Carlisle’s seniors.

Kathy Mull

COA Director

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