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Friday, October 24, 2008

CRANBERRY ROUNDUP. After flooding the bog, workers gather the floating berries, using a conveyer belt to load them into a waiting truck. (Photo by Mollie McPhee Ho)

Cranberries scarce in Carlisle this fall

People who frequently walk the cranberry bog may have noticed something missing this year. September and October usually bring the bright red color of ripening cranberries on the low-lying bog plants. This year, however, even a novice can see that the berry crop is unusually small. Cranberry farmer Mark Duffy estimates that this year’s crop will be only about ...more

Cranberry Bog conservation land is rich in history, wildlife and trails

One of the most pleasant ways to spend a beautiful fall day is to take a stroll around the only working cranberry bog in Middlesex County – right on Curve Street. The 310-acre Cranberry Bog conservation parcel straddles the boundary between Carlisle and Chelmsford in the northwest section of town. The 151-acre Carlisle portion of the land, which includes ...more



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Carlisle’s housing market is alive and well

Trying to sell a house in Carlisle these days could make you an object of pity. With every week bringing more bad news about mortgages, investments, and housing prices, you may wonder if there’s any chance at all. But Laura Baliestiero of Coldwell Banker has some encouraging words: “The Carlisle housing market is alive and well. Houses are selling and plenty ...more

Spalding School Building closed on Tuesday while boiler fixed

Kindergarten and first graders at the Carlisle School had an unscheduled vacation day on Tuesday due to a broken boiler in the Spalding Building. However, through good planning and good luck, the boiler was repaired in one day. ...more

Three firms in contest to build Benfield housing

The October 16 Housing Authority meeting proceeded directly to business with the announcement that three firms had successfully responded to the authority’s Request for Proposals (RFP) to build affordable housing on the Benfield Land on South Street. The Housing Authority seeks to construct 26 units of senior affordable rental housing (see “Carlisle Housing ...more

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