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Friday, October 10, 2008

Town drafts wind turbine regulations

The Alternative Energy Generation Committee agreed that a special permit should be required for wind turbines, when they met on October 6 to continue drafting new Town Bylaw regulations for energy generation structures.

The committee decided to require special permits in large part to insure neighbors will be notified whenever a landowner plans to install a wind turbine. Greg Peterson, the Planning Board representative to the committee, said, “People won’t feel comfortable without special permits.” Applicants would be required to show that their project meets requirements and that the turbine would not be detrimental to the neighborhood. Carlisle’s Administrative Coordinator Elizabeth Barnett noted, “People are going to be concerned about safety.”

Lattice towers allowed

The committee agreed to allow monopoles and lattice towers, even though lattice towers are not allowed for cell towers. Therrien said lattice towers were the most common for wind turbines. It was felt that monopoles were more expensive and Peterson said, “Although lattice towers are forbidden as cell towers [in town], we should allow lattice towers to give townsfolk a choice and not have the cost be prohibitive.” The committee agreed that lattice towers could only be used for energy.

The committee will modify the town of Hamilton bylaws on solar and wind energy for Carlisle. The committee expects to have a rough draft of the bylaws at their next meeting on November 3. ∆

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