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Friday, October 10, 2008

Shorts from the CSC Oct. 1

New staff reflect on Carlisle culture. Elementary Principal Patrice Hurley reported on a recent new-staff mentor meeting. Staff members Caryl McCabe, Jason Naroff and Rebecca Tambini have been assigned a fellow staff member as a mentor to assist them in their transition to Carlisle School. The new staff all have experience in urban schools.

Hurley said. “One of the questions we asked them today was: what have you learned about the Carlisle culture?” One response was that Carlisle students assume more responsibility because teachers expect them to take on those responsibilities. “Teachers in Carlisle do not need to control students” when they change classrooms, go to lunch, or other transitions, they noted. Hurley said, “They found it remarkable that students had patterns here, that they knew what they should be doing at different times” such as lunch and recess. “[The students] knew what was expected of them and can get from one place to another unescorted for the most part.” She said the students display “wonderful social behaviors on getting along with each other and how to treat each other which hadn’t been taught in other schools.”

The teachers also noted the students in Carlisle have not had to deal with difficulties that are seen in city schools such as poverty, hunger, and parents who are not involved in their child’s education.

Wastewater plant tie-in. The School Committee voted to allow the Board of Health to look into adding other users, such as the Gleason Public Library, to the Wastewater Treatment Facility.

Superintendent evaluation process. Committee members Dale Ryder and Bill Fink reported on their progress updating the Superintendent evaluation process. Ryder said in the past the Superintendent’s performance review was based on the school district goals. Because the district goals are broad, Ryder and Fink have instead defined three key areas: managing the school budget process, overseeing the school building process, and student assessment. Each topic has a variety of subtopics. The evaluation process will include a progress update in December with the formal evaluation completed in May. Ryder noted, “This will be done before the election” of new School Committee members.

Ryder said final methods will be documented in the Carlisle School Committee Handbook, “This way going forward the process is consistent.” Ryder and Fink will present the final evaluation format to the committee at the October 15 meeting.

Wellness Committee. Director of Student Services Karen Slack reported the Wellness Committee has developed a new program to promote healthy eating. In January the Wellness Committee, in conjunction with Director of Food Service Susan Robichaud will be highlighting the different colors of foods each week. “We’ll have kids become aware of the many different healthy eating choices in packing a lunch.” The dining room will offer foods that follow the same color scheme. “For purple,” explained, “there could be plums. It’s a whole-school effort that is also fun.”

Television coverage? Carlisle School Superintendent Marie Doyle said that CSC member Louis Salemy, who was not present, suggested they hold the October 15 budget discussion in the Clark Room so that the meeting could be televised. The consensus was to wait before scheduling a televised session.

Executive session. The committee voted to go into closed-door session to discuss contract negotiations.

Next meeting. The October 15 meeting will include the FY10 budget, a curriculum presentation from the Pre-school, a discussion of the eighth-grade trip, a report on developing a three-year budget, and an update from the School Council. ∆

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