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Friday, October 10, 2008

Carlisle’s great friends

To the Editor:

Last week we said thanks to Bob and Nancy Orlando for their years of hard work and dedication to two of the longest traditions our town knows: Carlisle’s Old Home Day and volunteering for Carlisle. That unselfish dedication to making Carlisle a place we proudly call home was embodied in every effort of Nancy and Bob and their family for us all. We should all be thankful for them and this spirit. It makes us who we are.

Your Old Home Day Committee is comprised of dozens of volunteers who put in the effort that makes this event happens. We do it because it is a great way to “give back” to our town.

If anyone who reads this wants to join us in this endeavor, please email us at and volunteer. We will be working steadily behind the scenes from now until OHD 2009 on June 27 and 28.

Dave and Florence Reed

Page Brook Road

Over the boardwalk

To the Editor:

Out loud for everyone to hear: thanks so much to the Trails Committee and to so many volunteers for the new boardwalk in the Davis Corridor. And if you have not discovered our well-maintained yet undeveloped spaces – well, perhaps a look at this masterpiece should be your initiation to a network of some of Carlisle’s best and biggest assets.

Mike Hanauer

Long Ridge Road

How to vote, 2008

To the Editor:

The presidential election is rapidly approaching. What follows is important information about voting.

Wednesday, October 15, is the last day to register to vote in the November election. The Town Clerk’s office will be open from 9 a.m. until 8 p.m. to accommodate new registrations. You may also call the office or email us with a request for a voter registration application. The form may be returned in person or by mail, but if it is mailed, it must be postmarked no later than October 15.

We expect to have absentee ballots no later than October 16 but we are totally dependent on the state for delivery. If you have applied for an absentee ballot and hope to vote in the office, please feel free to call or email the office to determine if the ballots have arrived. Absentee ballots are available until noon, Monday, November 3, the day before the election. Please keep in mind that state law forbids us to hand the ballots over the counter for family members. We can only give the ballots to voters themselves. Absentee ballots for family members must be mailed to them or picked up by them.

The polls will open at 6 a.m. on Tuesday, November 4, and this will allow an additional hour to vote. We encourage voters to carpool if at all possible due to the limited Town Hall parking. Our goal is to provide all voters with a safe and organized voting opportunity.

What follows are a few reminders about the voting process. Cell phones should be turned off or put on vibrate while in the building and you may not converse on your cell phone while holding your ballot. At the polls, you will be directed to a check-in table in the lobby. Check-in is by street name. At the table, please clearly state your street name, house number and then your last name. The check-in worker will repeat this information loudly enough to be heard by observers. You will be given a ballot and should move directly to a voting booth. Please refrain from speaking to anyone until you check out. After marking your ballot, proceed to the check-out table and announce the same information: street name, house number and your name. Then move to the ballot box, place your ballot on the deck, gently slide it into the opening as the election worker turns the crank. State law requires each voter to process their own ballot; children are not permitted to put the ballots into the ballot box. The bell will ring and the ballot box number will increment. At this point your ballot has been marked and you may leave the polls.

Please take the opportunity to review the specimen ballots that will be on display in the Town Hall lobby, the Gleason Library and the Post Office. There will be ballot questions as well as candidates and it would be best if you have determined how you will vote before you come in to cast your ballot. Election workers will not be allowed to answer specific questions about the candidates or the ballot questions.

If you have any questions regarding the election or voter registration, please contact the Town Clerk’s office by telephone at 1-978-369-6155 or by email at

Charlene M. Hinton
Town Clerk

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