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Friday, October 3, 2008


Remembering Lucy and Elizabeth Andrews: Carlisle’s smallpox victims

wn grave in Carlisle is not in Green Cemetery nor even in the older Central Burying Ground. It is, in fact, unmarked and its location, on private property, is known only to a few residents. ...more

A brief history of smallpox

Smallpox. It was not long ago that the very word could evoke panic. Cities would empty as people tried to escape before they became infected with the highly contagious disease. Those who became infected (see “Lucy,” page 1) were helpless as the disease progressed, no treatment was available and with a death rate of about 30%, many watched ...more

Heathrow, High Street and a healthy fear of haggis: CCHS students perform in Edinburgh

For two weeks this past August, 39 students from Concord-Carlisle High School visited London and Edinburgh in a whirlwind of theatre and international culture. Invited by the American High School Theatre Festival (AHSTF) to perform in Edinburgh, Scotland, were the cast and crew of the Marx Brothers’ comedy Animal Crackers. ...more

Biodiversity Corner : Solitary Sandpiper (tringa solitaria)

The Solitary Sandpiper is one of a group of birds known collectively as “shorebirds”– birds that forage along the shores of freshwater and coastal wetlands. ...more

Cultural Compass: Curtains rising: local theaters begin their seasons

Autumn is the harbinger of the new school year, the region’s annual foliage spectacle and the smell of those first crisp apples, and for me, one of the most exciting smells of all: greasepaint. I always look forward to a mailbox stuffed with brochures and subscription offerings that heralds the new theater season. Twelve to 20 miles in any direction will ...more

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