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Friday, October 3, 2008

Meet Carlisle School’s new faces

This fall two new teachers and a psychologist joined the staff of the Carlisle Public School.

Jason Naroff

Current position: Fourth-grade teacher.

Previous positions: Five years as a second- and third-grade teacher in Newton, three years as second-grade teacher in Connecticut.

Education: B.A. in Elementary Education from Boston University; M.A. in Literacy from Lesley University.

Naroff said his move to the Carlisle School has been a positive experience. He appreciates the support from the fourth-grade team and from his mentor, first-grade teacher Vanessa Gerade. “Everyone has made the transition easy,” he said. He is settled into his second-floor classroom. Each teacher has a style of setting up their room and his preference is to have less clutter and more space. He placed the desks together in groups in the middle of the room, creating a large meeting area by his collection of books. He is enjoying his 21 students. “They are actively learning and engaged,” he said. “It’s a lot of fun so far.” He encourages students to “discover on their own,” and wants to foster their growth as independent learners.

“I’m most passionate about how kids learn to read,” he explained and intends to continue learning about literacy and comprehension skills. His other passion: the Red Sox. When he wears his Red Sox tie, students stop to talk to him about the team. He has used baseball as a teaching aid in activities such as “Baseball Multiplication.” His goals include self-improvement. “I want to follow the latest research on how to be a better teacher.” Naroff lives in Newton.


Caryl McCabe

Current position: Second-grade teacher.

Previous positions: First grade in Lowell for two years; pre-K, kindergarten, first grade in Hudson, New Hampshire for four years.

Education: B.A. in English from the UMass Amherst; M.A. in Early Childhood Education from Rivier College, Nashua, New Hampshire.

McCabe is enthusiastic about her new teaching position at the Carlisle School. In fact, she was so eager she came to the school in June to observe teachers so she could “hit the ground running” this fall, she said. She was a bit nervous about what she would find in the way of classroom supplies and brought her extensive collection of personal reading books. She says she should not have worried. “I had a wealth of what I needed,” she said. She appreciates the books that were made available through the Carlisle School Association book collection.

McCabe says teaching in Carlisle is different due to the collaboration with the teaching team. She appreciates the support from her mentor, Courtney Longaker.

This is her first year of teaching second grade and she thinks it may be her favorite grade level. “The kids are ready to learn a variety of experiences,” she said. She is excited about the writing levels and about second-grade science. “I love how the kids wonder about the world,” she said. She is enjoying the school’s span of grades and how younger and older students relate to each other. “When we walk to music we interact with the eighth grade.” Her plans are to get settled in, and she also hopes to take advantage of the school’s professional development. She lives in Hudson, New Hampshire, with her three children.



Rebecca Tambini

Current Position: School Psychologist, Pre-K – 2.

Previous Positions: Post-doctorate clinical psychology fellow at Lynn Community Health Center; child care consultant at Family Services Inc.; behavioral medicine trainee at Joseph M. Smith CHC; independent contractor for Lawrence Public School; emergency services clinician, Edinburg Center; community mental health clinician, Family Services Inc.; school psychologist at Anchorage Public Schools; district wide school psychologist, BU/Chelsea Public School Partnership.

Education: Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology from the Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology; CAGS (Certificate in Advanced Graduate Study) from UMass Boston; M.Ed. in Applied Educational Psychology from UMass Boston; B.A. in Psychology from SUNY Plattsburgh.

Tambini said she is very happy to be back working with students in a school setting. Working within the school community “offers the biggest opportunity to change kids’ lives,” she said. She found her way to Carlisle through the position advertisement and by chatting with a school nurse in Lynn who is a Carlisle resident.

Tambini said her focus is to provide support to teachers and all students, whether they are identified as needing support or not. She will be facilitating Friendship Groups, and will be visiting classrooms in the preschool, first and second grade. “I have been thoroughly impressed by the quality of teachers,” she said. “I’ve never been in a place that has this high quality of teaching staff.” Her long-term goals are many: she wants to settle in and work with the teachers and students, while at the same time she is preparing for her clinical psychology license exam. Another professional long-term goal is to continue her research into Alzheimer’s, perhaps one day opening a private practice. “There is very limited research from the patient’s perspective on Alzheimer’s,” she explained. She also has a strong creative side as a professional photographer, which ties into her interest in art therapy. Tambini recently moved to Cambridge. ∆

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