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Friday, October 3, 2008

Selectman shorts, September 23

Carlisle Teachers Association. The contract with the teachers will be under review this year. Selectman John Williams stepped up to represent the Board of Selectmen (BOS) at the negotiations.

Regional High School Finances. Chairman Doug Stevenson noted that Concord, with a 4% increase in revenue, may be in a better position than Carlisle, with only a 1% increase, to meet expected increases at the high school in next year’s budget. He flagged a potential budget override.

Carlisle Police Station. The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) notified the town that a status report on hazardous waste at the site is past due. The town must respond within 60 days and facilitate a site visit by DEP to evaluate the current condition of previously installed monitoring wells and to collect groundwater samples. Although the site showed only very low levels of benzene and naphthalene when last tested, its status as a “Class C hazardous waste site,” which allows for natural attenuation rather than active removal of materials, does require testing every five years. The cost will be $5,151.

Elderly and Disabled Fund. The BOS approved the insertion of a voluntary contribution form to the fund in the tax bills scheduled for October 1, 2008.

East Street NSTAR issue. Building Inspector John Luther reported that NSTAR successfully resolved the issue raised by E. Michael Malcos of 1008 East Street that low wire height over his driveway prevented the delivery of fuel by moving the lines up three feet.

Town Registrar appointment. Liz Bishop of Kimball Road received unanimous support to become a member of the Board of Registrars, a group of bi-partisan volunteers.

United Nations Day. The board unanimously supported the declaration of October 24 as United Nations Day by the State House in Boston.

Community Chest Month. The BOS unanimously voted to proclaim October as Concord-Carlisle Community Chest Month to support fundraising efforts. Programs funded by the organization currently include Carlisle Recreation, Communities for Restorative Justice, the Carlisle Kids’ House, the CCHS Intervention and Prevention Counselor, teacher/student mentoring at the high school and middle school, and the Carlisle Council on Aging. This year the organization has a fundraising goal of $620,000.

Verrill Farm support. Selectman Timothy Hult acknowledged the loss to the community with the recent burning down of the store at the site. The BOS will send a letter to the Verrill family. ∆

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