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Friday, September 26, 2008


“Georgia on my mind”: my visit before the invasion

“Stalin was not an easy father,” I remarked to my tour guide and former Georgian teaching assistant in Gori last year. I remembered the distracted Svetlana Alliluyeva coming to Princeton, New Jersey, in 1967. The Cold War was boiling and the defection of Stalin’s only daughter was headline news. George Kennan knew her when he was ambassador to the Soviet ...more

The view from the Kremlin

My long-planned visit to St. Petersburg and Moscow came exactly one month after the five-day conflict between Georgia and Russia. In Moscow, my tour group met with a Kremlin official and most evenings, after all-day visits to lavish palaces, churches and museums, I watched the news program, “Russia Today,” on TV from the hotel. (See ...more

Around Home: Make new friends but scare the old (with your enthusiasm at seeing them again)

It was understandable that the woman at Whole Foods was a little bit alarmed at my enthusiasm over running into her near the bread bins. Kerry and I had last been classmates 28 years ago; I had not seen her since the party after our junior high graduation, and even then we weren’t particularly close, just peers in an eighth grade of about 60 kids. Sure, we’d ...more

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