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Friday, September 26, 2008


SUNFLOWER SHEEP FARM NEIGHBORHOOD POTLUCK. Neighbors Sarsha Adrian and Jane Williams feed sheep on Maple Street pasture. Looking on (left to right) are an unknown couple, Kay Woodward and Kathy Coyle.(Photo by Ellen Huber)

GETTING RID OF THAT POISON IVY. Helaine Hughes and Kelly Hoyt of Wilton, New Hampshire, help Phyllis Hughes (left) remove poison ivy along the entire length of the school-library path. Hughes hired the Haz-Mat suited team and assisted them in preparing the pathway for paving. (Photo by Ellen Huber)

SOAKING UP SUN. This frog rests on a sun-warmed rock. Frogs and other amphibians will soon head for hibernation as the days turn cooler. (Photo by Mollie McPhee Ho)

BOARDWALK BUILDERS. The Davis Corridor boardwalk starts to take shape under the capable hands of (left to right) Kieran Nunan, Henry Cox and Marc Lamere. (Photo by Ellen Huber)

CARLISLE’S DESIGNER PRINCESS COLLECTION. Little fairy princesses posed with their wands at Carlisle Recreation’s Princess Tea Party at Town Hall last Wednesday. Pictured, left to right, are Aiko Ma, Emma McCullom, Grace Versaggi, Skylar Smith, Cira Letteri and Ashley Grant. (Photo by Ellen Huber)

LATE SUMMER BOUNTY. Carlisle’s Farmers Market is still going strong on Saturdays at Kimball Farm Ice Cream. Here, Yvonne Libby (right) stocks up on produce at the Haynes table with Jessica (left) and Clovis Haynes. Learn more about the Farmers Market at (Photo by Ellen Huber)


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