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Friday, September 26, 2008

Shorts from the Planning Board, September 22

• Carriage Way. The Selectmen had requested a Planning Board recommendation on the proposal to accept Carriage Way as a public road. At a prior meeting, member Marc Lamere reported that two small oaks along the roadway were not doing well. Before moving forward on their recommendation, the Board requested that Planning Administrator George Mansfield ask developer Bill Costello whether he intended to replace the trees.

• Ferns Country Store. In preparing a report for the Selectmen on the proposed Ferns expansion, Chair Michael Epstein observed that Ferns will be about 230% of its present size if the project is approved. The board recommends that an environmental consultant be involved in the development of a Construction Management Plan. Further, they suggest that the Police Chief review the safety and security of the back parking lot, with particular attention to exterior lighting and motion-sensitive fixtures intended for that area.

Associate member David Freedman chafed at the stated intent of the Selectmen to waive the $1,000 site review application filing fee for the project. He objected to “making a $1,000 contribution to a commercial venture.”

• Wireless application anticipated. At its next meeting the board expects an application from Metro PCS to add a personal wireless antenna to the Bedford Road Anderegg cell tower.∆

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