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Friday, September 26, 2008

Police find cannabis plants on North Road

EVIDENCE. Police are drying suspected marijuana plants found growing in pots on North Road in early September. (Photo by Mollie McPhee Ho)

Responding to a call on September 4, Carlisle Police investigated a report of marijuana cultivation at 659 North Road. They found and collected what they believe to be cannabis growing in 12 plastic pots, two of them with three-foot-tall plants and the rest with smaller plants. The property, located near Rutland Street, is owned and rented by the state, though the lease-holder is not a resident. Lt. Leo Crowe said that James Montbleau has been living there as a caretaker. After questioning several people, police on September 22 issued summonses to James Montbleau and Samantha Sullivan to appear in court regarding 1) possession of a Class D substance, marijuana, and 2) cultivation and manufacturing of a Class D substance. The plants are being dried at the Police Station before being sent to the state lab for positive identification.

According to Lt. Crowe, the court is expected to review the findings within a month and, if it decides to proceed with the charges, the case will then go to trial. The consequences of the first charge would be set by the judge, while the cultivation and manufacturing charge carries a penalty of up to two years imprisonment. ∆

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