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Friday, September 26, 2008

Living sustainably

To the Editor:

As someone who has practiced sustainable design since the 1990s, I have watched in disbelief at how the the town has apparently allowed the Alternative Energy Committee free reign to change the character of Carlisle forever, whilst ignoring that living sustainably is a completely integrated solution. Allowing someone to erect a 140-foot lattice wind turbine on an inefficient site is not a “green” solution; it is an eyesore.

The first step in “being green” is to conserve your energy consumption. If every house took four simple steps, we would save more energy than a wind turbine would produce, and we wouldn’t need to alter any zoning regulations. These steps are insulating your house properly, making it air-tight, replacing any fridges that are more than ten years old, installing LED and fluorescent light bulbs in your house and installing a highly efficient boiler.

Then consider passive design solutions such as growing trees on the southwest side of the house to provide shade in the hot summer months, thus reducing the need for cooling. 

Alternative energy installations should only be considered as a last resort. They are expensive solutions and must be located where they are most efficient. Payback figures should include all costs such as embedded manufacturing and construction costs. The location of wind turbines is crucial to their efficiency; a three-mph difference can reduce its effectiveness by 50%. In a forest either the turbine has to be located well above the trees, or those trees can be removed. Yes, those trees that provide the shade. Everything is integrated. Finally “being green” also includes being considerate of how others may be affected by your choices. Earlier this year my neighbors were attacked for raising valid concerns about the wind turbines and lattice towers. Carlisle residents should be able to question without fear why we are being railroaded into changing Carlisle just because of the wind lobby passion, while we ignore the much cheaper, more effective energy conservation options that would benefit everyone.

Debbie Bentley 

Heald Road

Bring organic potluck recipes

To the Editor:

I’ve attended all the organic potlucks so far and the food is absolutely delicious. Each time I come away wishing I had the recipes for many of the dishes. I’d like to ask that if people bring a dish that has more than one or two ingredients in it – that they consider bringing little cards with the recipe for the dish to share. Just for fun. Thanks for considering the thought.

Judy Asarkof

River Road

CSA thanks fall luncheon volunteers

To the Editor:

The annual fall luncheon was held on Tuesday, September 16, to honor the outstanding work of the Carlisle Public School’s teachers and staff.

The luncheon would not have been possible without the generous support of our school community. We would like to thank each and every parent who prepared the delicious salads, main courses, and desserts, as well as those who made monetary donations. We also extend special thanks to those who helped set up, serve and clean up the dining room: Trish Massicott, Leah Osterman, Regina Troast, Holly Salemy, Marybeth Stevenson, Leigh Tappen, Stephanie Shenton, Hunter Hutchinson, Jackie Heller and Mary Storrs. Also a huge thank you to our decorating captains: Leah Osterman and Regina Troast and to the Quinlan family for the beautiful flowers.

If you have not picked up your serving pieces, please contact Stephanie Blunt at 1-978-369-8634.

Thank you again to all those who helped make the luncheon a big success.

Amy Versaggi and Stephanie Blunt

CSA Luncheon Coordinators

Join us at Carlisle Dems gala fundraiser, October 4

To the Editor:

The Carlisle Democratic Town Committee invites all Democrats and friends to our gala fundraiser on Saturday, October 4, 7 to 9:30 p.m. at Cindy and John Nock’s house, 41 Canterbury Court. Our popular election-year fundraiser is always a great opportunity to mingle, talk politics, and socialize with other Carlisle folks. We are fired up in this amazing election year!

Come with your issues and questions and find out what you can do to get our candidates elected on November 4. We will be joined by our State Senator, Susan Fargo, our State Representative, Cory Atkins, and other candidates and campaign representatives. We will ask for a donation for at least one of the Democratic candidates running in the November 4 election – Senator Fargo, Representative Atkins, U.S. Representative Niki Tsongas, U.S. Senator John Kerry and, of course, U.S. Senator Barack Obama for president!

Join your Carlisle neighbors and friends who are energized and engaged in this historic election year. We hope to see you there!

Susan Stamps, chair of the Carlisle Democratic Town Committee.

Cross Street

Help Obama in New Hampshire

To the Editor:

  A group of 36 Carlisle residents met last week to organize themselves to work for the election of Barack Obama. The Obama campaign has asked us to help out in New Hampshire which may well be a critical state in this election. In 2000, Al Gore lost New Hampshire by 7,000 votes. If he had won New Hampshire, he would have been elected President, even with Florida being awarded to Bush.

  We will be calling New Hampshire voters with lists and scripts provided by the New Hampshire Obama campaign. You can call from your own home. Carpools will be going up to New Hampshire each weekend to do door-to-door canvassing – usually leaving from the Center Park next to Ferns each Saturday at 10 a.m. We will canvass in teams.

  If you (and your friends in other cities and towns) would be willing to make calls or spend one day canvassing, let us know by emailing me at or calling 1-978-371-9687. This election is going to be very close. It will be won vote by vote, call by call, door by door. As you already know – too much is riding on this election for any of us to sit on the sidelines.

Michael Ansara

Lowell Street

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