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Friday, September 19, 2008

ConsCom shorts, September 11

610 Rutland Street. The public hearing was held by the Conservation Commission (ConsCom) on September 11 for a Notice of Intent by David and Pamela Ely for construction work in a wetland buffer zone. Portions of a home addition, paved driveway, grading and a portable shed are to be located within 100 feet of the wetlands, according to Ben Ewing of the engineering firm Stamski and McNary, who described the plan. A grass swale will be added to the lawn between the drive and wetland to catch driveway runoff. Permission is also being sought from the Board of Health for septic system alterations. The ConsCom okayed the project with the condition that the plan must be brought back to the commission if the Board of Health requires any modifications that change the amount of work near the wetlands.

480 South Street. Ewing also presented the engineering plans for a Notice of Intent filed by David Dutton for a new septic system and associated grading that fall partly within the wetland buffer zone. The ConsCom questioned the size and location of the system. Ewing noted, “It’s a very restricted site,” and pointed out that the proposed system would provide improved technology over the two failing cesspools already on the property. The existing home has three bedrooms while the proposed septic system would serve four, and there was discussion over whether a smaller septic system would suffice. The ConsCom continued the hearing until October 9 and asked that additional test pits be dug to determine if the septic system might be located farther from the wetlands.

Lot 3B, Applegrove Lane. Peter Crabtree, representing Northland West Street LLC, presented a Request for Determination regarding a project to build a 125-foot boardwalk over an intermittent stream. The boardwalk is for a trail linking West Street with a small town-owned parcel and abutting private land under conservation restriction. The commission felt the project would not impact the wetlands and granted a negative determination, with the restriction that the project use only pressure-treated lumber without arsenic. (If a positive determination had been made, the applicant would have had to file a more extensive Notice of Intent.)

27 Maple Street. As a result of an Enforcement Order, Russ Wilson of R. Wilson Associates presented plans for a landscaping project underway on property owned by Judith Keefe. The project included grading and adding loam and work had extended into the wetland buffer zone. Part of the disturbed area had been smoothed and seeded, and Wilson requested permission to rake out and seed the remaining disturbed area. It was pointed out that the property had been the subject of an earlier Enforcement Order related to landscaping (see “Shorts from the Conservation Commission, July 14,” Mosquito, July 29, 2005.) Commissioner Tricia Smith asked that a line of trees be planted to mark the limit of lawn. Conservation Administrator Sylvia Willard asked if the property is in a Natural Heritage estimated habitat area for rare species, which would require additional paperwork before landscaping could continue. Wilson said he would check into it.

The ConsCom decided to inspect the site on September 23 and continued the public hearing until September 25.

62 Hart Farm Road. A Notice of Intent was approved for construction of a patio and landscaping within the wetland buffer zone. An Enforcement Order had been issued when the landscaper cleared trees and removed soil in the buffer zone last fall. Since then, ferns have filled in much of the disturbed area and homeowner Thomas Brigiotta said that he intended to leave most of the ferns, which he liked. He then provided a list of indigenous species he would like to add, including summer sweet, azalea and dogwood. ConsCom Chair Tom Schultz said, “You’re winding up with a really beautiful yard.” The commission approved the project with standard conditions.

• A Certificate of Compliance was issued for 1095 North Road. A Notice of Intent for a project had originally been filed in 2001, but the work was never undertaken. ∆

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