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Friday, September 19, 2008

Board of Selectmen Shorts, September 9

Bruce Freeman Rail Trail. The Board of Selectmen (BOS) appointed Tim Hult as an alternate representative to the BFRT Uniformity Committee to join Alan Cameron who was appointed the official representative last month. The Executive Office of Transportation, which owns the land, will be asked to begin the process of generating a lease for use of the right-of-way.

Ambulance. The BOS approved a request from Fire Chief David Flannery for $32,000 to be expended from the ambulance receipts account for anticipated expenses for the operation of the ambulance service as anticipated in the FY09 budget. Flannery will be coming to an upcoming BOS meeting to ask for approval to purchase a new ambulance. An RFP has been issued and bids are due September 17.

Council on Aging. The BOS approved setting aside $5,000 from the Caroline Hill Fund for supplementing the cost of heating fuel for residents in temporary financial need. The Senior Tax Advisory Board would administer any grants. The BOS will ask residents of the community to make contributions to the fund.

The Town Common Circulation Committee is to recommend changes to traffic patterns around the Common. Jack O’Connor, center resident; Alan Carpenito, Selectman; John Sullivan of the Traffic Safety Advisory Board; and Sylvia Sillers of the Historical Commission were newly appointed. Members previously appointed included Marc Lamere of the Planning Board, Alan Cameron of the Honor Roll Committee and Jack Troast of the Pedestrian and Bike Safety Committee.

NSTAR problem. A letter from E. Michael Malcos of 1008 East Street to the BOS requested help pressuring NSTAR to raise low wires over his driveway that are preventing fuel deliveries. He included several photos indicating wire heights of 11 feet, with room on the pole to move the wires up. He reported that an NSTAR representative responded sarcastically to his request. The BOS will send a letter and Doug Stevenson suggested a call, saying “We should use whatever leverage we can.”

Bingham Road. The BOS gave permission for the ConsCom to consider an Order of Conditions for a stone wall already completed at 24 Bingham Road. In a letter, Theodore Mark clarified that he had consulted both the ConsCom and Building Inspector Bob Koning before erecting the stone wall in the town’s right of way, which is larger on his side because Bingham Road does not follow the right of way as intended.

Resignations/Appointments. Resignations were accepted with gratitude from Minerva Butler of the Long-Term Capital Requirements Committee and Lois d’Annunzio of the Household Recycling Committee. Also resigning was Larry Sorli of the Historical Commission, who will be replaced by Alan Dewing, Jr., who was appointed by the BOS.

Minutes online. The minutes of all BOS meetings are now posted on the town website. ∆

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