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Friday, September 19, 2008

Mosquito Dines Out

A night in Spain with fabulous food and Salsa dancing – and all located in Chelmsford. Most of you probably know the only kind of Salsa that Alex, my husband, knows well; it comes on a plate.  He likes to see dancers, but quick maneuvers on a dance floor do not flow with his mathematical nature.  

Café Madrid opened a few months ago, and we were there the first week for lunch.  It was excellent, but I wanted to delay writing about it until they had their beverage license, and we could sample dinner.  

Dinner proved to be everything I had hoped for. Now they have added either Cuban or Spanish live music or Salsa dance demonstrations or, if you are interested, Salsa lessons for an extra charge. They also serve a variety of imported wines and beer as well as homemade Sangria. Wines start at $6.95 a glass and beer costs $5.75 a bottle.

When we go there for lunch (and now that counts as often), we usually order one of their signature sandwiches and a salad if it doesn’t come with one.  You may choose from seven delicious fresh salads ranging from the manchego salad with fresh tomatoes, imported manchego cheese and homemade pesto to the health nut salad with fresh mixed greens, caramelized walnuts, cranberries, green apples and blue cheese or goat cheese with homemade dressing, all $7.95.

The Madrid garden salad ($5.95) is made with fresh Romaine lettuce and onions, tomatoes, parsley and eggs.  The addition of tuna or eggs costs another $1.95 or smoked salmon adds $2.95 to the cost.  There is also a particularly good Spanish-style potato salad for $3.95.

If that hasn’t whetted your appetite, consider the sandwiches: Madrid parma sandwich, consisting of an imported prosciutto de parma ham with basil-marinated tomatoes and imported manchego cheese at $8.95, or a custom-made sandwich, also at $8.95. This last one is our favorite. You may choose from a large variety of meat and then add cheese, caramelized onions, peppers or  anything you  might desire that is on the menu.

The menu goes on and on with hot sandwiches, three different kinds of paellas and six varieties of tapas. In the evening there are eight Cuban or Spanish combinations that are all tempting and all quite different from our usual American fare.  The authentic Spanish dish, gallina Toledo, is a Cornish game hen stuffed with picadillo and served with roasted potatoes and squash ($19.95), and they offer pescado Cubano, which is salmon or tilapia served with mixed vegetables and rice ($18.95).

At Café Madrid you may start with a hearty or a light breakfast. This is an adventure in itself. There are more French toasts than I knew existed and eggs made in ways that are refreshingly new.  There are crepes, crepes, crepes to pick and choose and customize! I highly recommend you dine there soon. ∆

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