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Friday, August 29, 2008

Planning Board shorts, August 18

268 Fiske Street. John Ballantine requested a change to the plan requiring a special permit for a common driveway at 268 Fiske Street. The permit had been approved on May 12, but the hearing was not closed. Since that time it was discovered that the septic force main does not need to be moved to the new lot. Keeping it where it is will save money and avoid disturbing areas near wetlands. The hearing will be kept open until September 8 at which time the new plan will be reviewed with the goal of closing the hearings. Ballantine hopes to begin tree work this fall.

Ballantine questioned $1,140 billed by LandTech for the site visit at 268 Fiske Street but the board concluded that this was not extreme as it included time becoming familiar with the plan. Ballantine has paid $1,500 of the $3,000 billed for project fees. A vote was taken to make the final $1,500 due when work begins that requires a field review or the lot is sold, whichever is first.

Wireless facilities

27 School Street. Omnipoint had been asked to return with changes to the plans for a cell tower at the First Religious Society. Omnipoint will be proceeding with construction before Sprint, who had previously been granted a permit for a wireless facility at this site. Therefore, it is necessary for Omnipoint to take on some of the work originally detailed in the Sprint documents, including the pad and screening. The board had asked that the detail of that new work be reflected in the Omnipoint plans, not just by reference to the Sprint documents. However, due to a misunderstanding, this was not done, so the hearings were continued to September 8.

1022 Westford Street. A clause in the Escrow Agreement for the Omnipoint facility at the Sorli farm, 1022 Westford Street, was disputed. It required that if equipment were removed, the site be returned to “original condition.” It was argued that “reasonable wear and tear” should be provided for, and the Planning Board voted to agree. However, another issue regarding release of escrow was deemed “a quibbling point” by Chair Greg Peterson and did not come to a vote.

Lease of Town land. The Request for Proposals for wireless facilities on town-owned land will be reviewed at the next meeting.

Energy. It was noted that the Clean Energy Bylaw Committee will meet on September 15 to discuss principles to guide the drafting of bylaws for wind turbines. It has completed its recommendations for solar collectors. It expects to hold public hearings in January or February with the expectation of making a proposal at Spring Town Meeting.

Public data. Can Carlisle charge for information that is public? A company has approached the town with a desire to use Carlisle’s parcel data in an application it will then sell. Board member Carol Nathan suggested a packaging fee. The issue will be referred to the Selectmen. ∆

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