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Friday, August 29, 2008

CSC gives Doyle 3.9% raise
To review evaluation process

At its August 19 meeting, the Carlisle School Committee (CSC) confirmed Superintendent Marie Doyle’s FY09 salary at $143,159.65 and agreed to examine the Superintendent evaluation process in the coming year. The Superintendent’s salary had been approved by CSC vote during private executive session at an earlier meeting and was now unanimously approved publicly. This salary, for the second year of a three-year contract, represents a 3.9% raise.

Review process

Superintendent Marie Doyle explained that currently each School Committee member completes an evaluation form. All reviews are then submitted to the committee chair, who compiles them into a final report. Committee chair Chad Koski noted that the evaluation form allows only three possible responses to each question (exceeds expectations, meets expectations, fails to meet expectations) and stated that he felt more levels of choice would provide a more accurate review.

Koski also admitted that he felt the review process was rushed last year since the budget process had taken significantly longer than expected. Committee member Dale Ryder agreed, “As an individual I felt that I never had a chance to meet with Marie and give her my feedback. Also, the condensed version of the review did not adequately encompass the committee’s reviews.”

Some confusion arose when committee members tried to explain exactly what constituted the basis for evaluation. Doyle explained that she annually provides proposed goals to the committee. The committee then accepts or adjusts the goals and it is against these goals that her performance is evaluated. “But,” Ryder noted, “the goals don’t match the review process.” Member Louis Salemy emphasized the need for measureable goals, “Is there a way we can link the review to a non-subjective measurement such as MCAS scores?” Koski reiterated, “We need to measure against the district goals.” After much discussion, the committee agreed to review specific items suggested in the Littlefield report (see “Carlisle School releases facilitator’s recommendations,” July 4, Mosquito) and to incorporate those into the evaluation process.

The CSC also discussed the difficulty of a public review process. Doyle noted that “the final report needs to be public, but that some parts along the way are not public.” Ryder, who also serves as a Library Trustee, explained that performance evaluations for the library director are conducted in executive session and the final report is made public.

The School Committee agreed to institute an “early” review meeting, held in November or December, which will be used to allow both parties to monitor how the year is progressing, allowing guidance or changes in goals if needed. The committee will also adjust the evaluation form to allow more levels of choice and flexibility of response. An executive session will be used for the performance review allowing each School Committee member to discuss their view. Committee members Dale Ryder and Bill Fink will develop the new evaluation form and process and will present their suggestions at the September 17 meeting. ∆

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