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Friday, August 15, 2008

Study Group recommends that Selectmen control and preserve Highland Building

The Board of Selectmen (BOS) met with the Highland Building Study Group on August 12 to discuss their research on possible dispositions of the Highland School Building. The group recommends that the Selectmen take control of the building; that Community Preservation Act (CPA) funds be used to upgrade the condition; that a Highland Building Committee work with ...more

ZBA OKs Ferns’ expansion

Before a sparsely attended public hearing on August 7, the Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) grappled with three requests for variance submitted by Carlisle Center Ventures LLC, which owns and operates Ferns Country Store on property leased from the Daisy family. According to store proprietor Larry Bearfield, each of these variances would be necessary to allow ...more

Lightning hits playground

This summer has seen relentless rains, accompanied by lightning, thunder and hail. Just a year ago the Mosquito reported that stormy weather seemed to bypass Carlisle (see “How’s the weather?” August 24, 2007), but this year the magic protection has disappeared. ...more

BOS to review Ferns’ plans

Larry Bearfield presented expansion plans (see right) for Ferns to the Board of Selectmen (BOS) on August 12 and requested several waivers from the Site Plan Review requirements. He argued that several studies required under Section 1 were not needed at this site, and that the filing fee of $1,000 was onerous because of “the volatile nature of our small business.” ...more

Daedalus favored for school OPM

The Carlisle School Building Committee (SBC) has recommended Daedalus Projects Inc. of Boston, for the position of the Owners Project Manager (OPM) for the proposed school building project. On August 12, the Selectmen agreed with the decision. According to their proposal, “Daedalus has overseen over $200 million in successful K-12 school construction projects.” ...more

Bumps in the road for summer repaving projects

According to Town Administer Madonna McKenzie, road repair projects have fallen behind schedule this summer, but the town hopes to complete all work before cold weather. McKenzie said that DPW Superintendent Gary Davis is giving highest priority to repaving Bedford Road and West Street, both of which see heavy commuter traffic. Their condition has deteriorated ...more

ConsCom steps in to regulate projects begun without permits

If the Conservation Commission (ConsCom) had anticipated the usual summer doldrums, they were in for a surprise, because their July 31 agenda featured two unique projects involving four Enforcement Orders. How could two projects produce four orders? ...more

Shorts from the ConsCom, July 31

•Blasting cleanup. The Conservation Commission (ConsCom) on July 31 approved an Amended Order of Conditions for remediation of a blasting error that had occurred last April at a Cross Street construction site owned by Jonathan Bohs. According to Conservation Administrator, Sylvia Willard, the problem had arisen when ...more

Board of Selectmen shorts, August 12

State reimbursement denied. A final decision to deny funds for the wastewater treatment plant part of the Robbins School expansion of FY2000 was received from the Massachusetts Building Authority. Tim Hult noted “It’s unfortunate a significant part of the project was not funded by the state.” According to ...more

Carlisle’s Internet options expand with DSL

Verizon has begun offering high-speed DSL internet connection in Carlisle. This technology uses existing phone lines, but can be limited by the wiring going to a particular home, or by the distance from a “central office.” For these reasons, the service may not be available to all homes, and the transmission speeds may vary for those who can use DSL. Speeds ...more

The queen who would be wild

Beekeepers Ernie Huber and Jeff Atwood have provided an update on recent efforts to salvage a hive of bees (“Rare wild beehive found on construction site,” Mosquito, August 1.) The bees were highly valued, because any wild hive that has managed to survive the mite infestations plaguing the region would have genes that could improve the domestic strains. ...more

Planning Board agenda for August 18

7:30 p.m., Town Hall

7:30 Minutes, bills, budget, liaison reports ...more

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