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Friday, August 15, 2008

Bumps in the road for summer repaving projects

According to Town Administer Madonna McKenzie, road repair projects have fallen behind schedule this summer, but the town hopes to complete all work before cold weather. McKenzie said that DPW Superintendent Gary Davis is giving highest priority to repaving Bedford Road and West Street, both of which see heavy commuter traffic. Their condition has deteriorated recently and the town is in the process of seeking MassHighway approval prior to beginning work. Other projects have already received all necessary approvals, but are for quieter roads with less traffic. Repaving is scheduled for the Billerica end of North Street, half of Rutland Street, half of River Road, Skelton Road and Prospect Street. In addition, repairs are planned for the intersections and drainage along Stearns Street. There is sufficient funding available for all planned roadwork, McKenzie said.

The main reason for the road work delay has been the DPW help with the Pathway Construction project, McKenzie said. Other factors mentioned include the unusually rainy weather, as well as the fact that the DPW staff has been reduced by one worker for FY09. ∆

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