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Friday, August 15, 2008

BOS to review Ferns’ plans


Ferns expansion plans show the new section located between the existing store and the garage.

Larry Bearfield presented expansion plans for Ferns to the Board of Selectmen (BOS) on August 12 and requested several waivers from the Site Plan Review requirements. He argued that several studies required under Section 1 were not needed at this site, and that the filing fee of $1,000 was onerous because of “the volatile nature of our small business.” In addition, he asked for a waiver of the project review fees because he does not anticipate a need for outside consultants.

He defended waiving the Section 1 studies in a letter dated July 18. Impact on water resources will be minimal because the addition will be built over areas that are currently impervious asphalt or compact gravel. A traffic study was conducted when the porch was added and “traffic patterns for the store have been well established.” Other areas he maintained did not apply including the need for a development impact report, hazardous materials management plan, and employee health, fire, and safety.

Bearfield noted handicapped access will be provided with a chairlift from the current store to the addition and perhaps an auto-opening door to the outside. The plan for indoor seating has been hung up in committees, so the current plan is to proceed without it.

Tim Hult suggested moving parking away from the corner to increase safety. Bearfield responded that he has already eliminated two spaces due to safety concerns. He expects “much greater usage of the back parking with the entrance (to the store) in back.”

The BOS voted to waive the study requirements. Stevenson clarified that this does not prevent inquiry into these issues at a later date. The $1,000 filing fee was also waived, but it was decided to confer with the Planning Board before waiving the review fees.

Abutter Francine Amari-Faulkner asked Bearfield to name the investors of Ferns (Carlisle Center Ventures) so the town could see if any might be serving on town boards. Stevenson noted anyone who felt he or she had a conflict-of-interest would recuse himself and therefore the list of investors is immaterial. Public information available on lists the following as grantees of a mortgage of Carlisle Center Ventures, LLC: Jane D. and Ralph P. Anderson, Blanche D. Balecek, Michael and Donna J. Barach, Bret H. and Joan D. Bero, Risha J. Deary, Karen Huntress, Linda H. Kistler, Robert J. and Marylou Koning, Mary S. and John R. Roberts, Margaret A. Rollins, Lynn A. and Warren Tennant, and Grant Wilson.

Bearfield noted that Ferns will appear before the Planning Board August 18, the Board of Health August 19 and the Historical Commission August 26. He will return to the BOS on September 9. ∆

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