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Friday, August 1, 2008

BOH meeting shorts, July 22

Uranium mapping. The US Geological Survey (USGS) together with the Massachusetts Department of Public Health are conducting a study to assess concentrations of arsenic and uranium in wells in east central Massachusetts. Elevated levels of arsenic have previously been detected in this area of the state. Similar studies have been done in New Hampshire where a correlation between a certain type of bedrock and arsenic concentration in wells was established. Similar bedrock extends south into Massachusetts. The BOH agreed to participate in the study.

235 Autumn Lane. The board approved a waiver allowing a septic tank to be placed 56 feet from the well.

80 Cranberry Hill Lane. The board heard a presentation from architect Tom Harden concerning renovations to the house. The board agreed that the renovation did not result in additional rooms, therefore no garbage grinder restriction is needed to ensure that the existing septic system is of adequate size.

Ferns. The board agreed to grant a local waiver to Ferns Country Store for a septic system plan dated June 17. This will allow removal of an existing septic tank to accommodate a proposed addition/connecting building between the store and the existing former garage. A new septic tank will be placed approximately 15 feet east of the current location. The board agreed that the new tank must be placed no closer to the building than the previous tank had been.

FY08 budget surplus. The BOH ended the fiscal year with a balance of $1,077 which was returned to the general fund.

Schedule. The BOH will meet again on August 19. ∆

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