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Friday, August 1, 2008

Personnel Board shorts, July 16

At its July 16 meeting the Personnel Board recognized that its previous meeting, held on June 18, had not been properly posted. With that in mind, the board began by re-voting, thereby confirming all votes from the June 18 meeting.

Building Commissioner. The board corrected the annual salary for John Luther, Jr., the new Building Commissioner. According to Town Administrator Madonna McKenzie, the résumé originally submitted by Luther did not fully list his job experience. With the new information in hand, the board recalculated the number of years of related experience as 15 years rather than eight, resulting in an annual salary of $58,539 rather than $54,851 for 2008.

Job reclassification. The board voted to reclassify the position held by Brendan Mirfield of the Department of Public Works from driver/laborer (grade 3) to equipment operator (grade 4). Mirfield has worked for the town since March of 2002.

Honoring employment milestones. Selectman Bill Tice appeared before the board looking for guidance and suggestions in developing a policy for expressing appreciation to town employees. McKenzie noted that six current employees have worked for the town for at least 20 years. The board expressed support for the idea and agreed that certain milestones of service should be recognized. The board agreed to provide the Selectmen with employee years-of-service data and to help in developing an employee appreciation policy.

Salary levels. At the request of McKenzie, the board agreed to discuss the number of years that it takes for a town employee to move from the minimum to maximum salary. According to McKenzie the movement from minimum to maximum salary takes 15 years in most area towns whereas it takes 27 years for a Carlisle employee. The board will discuss this issue at a future meeting. ∆

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