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Friday, August 1, 2008

Board of Health okays town’s first Clivus septic system

At its July 22 meeting, the Board of Health(BOH) heard a presentation on a septic system technology that would be the first of its type to be used in Carlisle. The grey-water system was proposed as part of a septic redesign for property at 180 Prospect Street. Representatives from Stamski & McNary and from Clivus New England provided background for the board.

The newly redesigned system will utilize Clivus composting toilets with a grey water leaching area. For grey- water systems, Massachusetts Title 5 regulations allow a 50% reduction in size for leaching areas and reduction in offset from high ground water to two feet. Although these systems have been used in the state for more than 30 years, this will be the first installation in Carlisle.

Since the grey-water system is allowable under Title 5, no waivers were required and the board needed only to approve the plan. BOH chair Jeffrey Brem stated, “This is a 14-acre property. It is a great property for us to monitor this. It will be good for the town to see how well this will work.” In order for the board to learn how well the system will function, Brem suggested that the board request that the owners allow the addition of a monitoring well which the board would periodically test.

The board approved the plan with a restriction against use of a garbage

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