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Friday, July 18, 2008

Board of Selectmen shorts, July 8

Calling the recent Old Home Day celebration a “good start to the summer,” Chairman Doug Stevenson began the July 8 meeting by thanking Dave and Florence Reed for delivering the town’s annual event so successfully.

Energy use. The Selectmen charged the new Energy Task Force to review the town’s current expenditures and recommend pragmatic solutions to reducing them. Town Administrator Madonna McKenzie later explained that the three to five member group will study the energy use in town buildings, including Town Hall, Gleason Library, the Police and Fire Stations, the DPW building and the Carlisle Public School. She said they will be asked to research alternatives for energy suppliers and make energy use recommendations with the twin priorities of reducing the town’s costs and carbon footprint.

Cistern easement. The board accepted an easement for a fire protection cistern for the Hanover Hill Subdivision off Westford Street.

Events. The Selectmen gave permission for the Carlisle Garden Club to run a “Pumpkins on the Common” display on the Town Common in October for the second year.

The board also voted to allow the display of a SmartCar at the transfer station on July 12 and 26 in support of raffle ticket sales by Communities for Restorative Justice. The raffle drawing will take place in November.

Appointments. Robert Wiggins and Bill Fink were appointed to the School Building Committee for a term of one year to bring membership to 17.

Cemetery. The sale of one cemetery deed was approved.

Summer retreat. The Selectmen will next meet on July 22 at the home of Selectman Bill Tice to plan for the next year and discuss goals and responsibilities. Hult endeavored to facilitate the process by providing documents relating to the last year. After reviewing the results of a Selectmen survey, he noted that “Where we put a lot of effort, we see results.” ∆

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