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Friday, July 18, 2008

SBC considers school space needs

While waiting to hire an Owner’s Project Manager (OPM) to help with the proposed Carlisle School building project, the School Building Committee (SBC) is examining future needs for space given current educational guidelines and declining enrollment projections.

At their July 10 meeting, Superintendent Marie Doyle reviewed a list of primary assumptions for the project: that the school will maintain a single campus, that the 50-year-old Spalding Building is to be replaced and other buildings may be renovated, and that space requirements would be based on a future population of 700 students. (This past year about 780 students were enrolled.)

It was suggested that as a first approximation, the current number of classrooms might suffice for future needs. However, it was noted that many classrooms would be reconfigured. For instance, some classrooms, such as the Speech and Language room, do not meet the Department of Education specifications for handicap accessibility and must be replaced.

Doyle said that additional space is needed for the music program. She noted that this past year the middle school chorus had over 100 students, but rehearsed behind the sliding wall in the auditorium in an area built to hold a maximum of 75 students. The band, with over 100 members, rehearsed on the stage. Doyle suggested three new spaces to be comprised of a choir room, a room for music classes and an all-purpose room with a small stage. The all-purpose room, about the size of the school library, might be used by the band for rehearsals and would be available for use by other teachers and by the community.

Other ideas included a computer center and an engineering classroom where students would study robotics and other engineering activities. Doyle considered additional administrative offices a lower priority. The superintendent is continuing to work with teachers and administrators to better understand the school’s future space requirements.

Hiring process for OPM

Chair Lee Storrs reported on giving a tour of the school buildings to 18 applicants for the OPM (Owner’s Project Manager) position. He laid out the timetable for the hiring process.Applications should be received by July 21, reference checks are scheduled to be completed by July 24, the committee will review applications on July 25 and create a short list by July 28. ∆

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