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Friday, July 18, 2008

Resident interrupts burglary

Suspect sketched from witness description by Concord police artist Inspector Skinner.

A Heald Road resident interrupted a burglary in progress early last Thursday afternoon when she returned home after a half-hour’s absence and encountered a man coming downstairs as she entered the front door. Thinking it was a contractor she said, “Hello,” but the presumed contractor started running downstairs and ran out the back door. There was a plasma TV in the kitchen by the back door, but only a pocket watch that had been in an empty box found at the scene is known to have been taken, according to Lt. Leo Crowe.

Two hours later, a neighbor on Heald Road who had heard about the break-in reported a suspicious car had been parked in front of her house on Wednesday. A man got out, looked around and came to her door; he told her he was working for a movie company and checking locations, gave her a business card and left. The business card has been checked and the film company listed does in fact exist. Both persons describe a broad-shouldered white male in his early 30s, about 6 feet tall, clean- shaven and wearing a blue Red Sox cap, dark shorts and a white top. One account has the man in his early 30s, the other in his 20s. The car was an old blue SUV with what looked like white paint on the hood. The personal information was given to Inspector Skinner of the Concord police, a composite artist who prepared the sketch printed here.

Crowe and police Chief John Sullivan say there are no suspects at this time. The man seen running down the stairs was wearing latex gloves and there is little hope of finger print information.The man who claimed to represent a film company appears to be just that and is no longer considered a suspect. Inspector Andy Booth says Carlisle police have sent all their evidence to the state crime lab but because of back-up at that end do not expect information from them soon. This is the first break-in this summer and continues under active investigation. ∆

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