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Friday, July 4, 2008

Police find youths drinking in woods

An early drinking party in a tent in the woods off Hutchins Road was cut short late Monday afternoon, June 23, when police investigated a car parked in the woods and followed a trail to what Lt. Leo Crowe described as a “makeshift fort,” with beer available and empties lying around. Four Carlisle youths between 17 and 19 were apprehended at the site. The ...more

Davis Corridor – designed to connect neighborhoods

Today, Carlisle residents can enjoy the results of a hardworking group of conservationists who, in the 1970s, had the forethought and skill to plan and execute the purchase of more than ten distinct parcels of land. Together, these parcels would become a conservation corridor, linking neighborhoods and existing trails and providing a permanent connection to ...more

Stormy weather stalls over Carlisle

Carlisle’s summer, which started with record highs during a heat wave, continues to be active, weather-wise. Thunderstorms have broken out almost every afternoon for over two weeks. Almost like clockwork, the clouds build during the day and let loose either in isolated bursts of wind and rain or as prolonged downpours. ...more

Engineer to evaluate feasibility of Village Court expansion

The Carlisle Housing Authority has nearly completed the request for proposals (RFP) to build 24 units of affordable housing on the Benfield land on South Street, and hopes to move ahead on other fronts. On June 26, the committee met with the Carlisle Affordable Housing Trust in joint session to coordinate ongoing plans. The two committees are also pursuing ...more

BOH gives Ferns preliminary approval for expansion without café

On June 24, the Board of Health (BOH) approved the Ferns Country Store site plan review pre-application to add a middle building joining the store with the adjacent garage. The decision includes conditions that septic flow rates remain within range and that there is no café/lounge or public bathroom. ...more

No vacation for Spalding School Building replacement planning: $15 to $30 million project cost estimates

Though students are on summer vacation, the school is busy trying to hire a manager for the proposed building project. This week the town advertised for an Owner’s Project Manager with the ad specifying that the project “may range from $15 to $30 million depending on the solution that is agreed upon by the owner [school and town] and the Massachusetts School ...more

Affordable apartment bylaw hits glitch

The initial positive feedback from the state Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) regarding Carlisle’s proposed affordable accessory apartment (AAA) bylaw has been replaced by new concerns about handicapped access and fair housing, according to Administrative Coordinator Elizabeth Barnett. She reported recent developments at the joint meeting ...more

ConsCom nears decision on construction near Bog

The Conservation Commission (ConsCom) has taken a significant, but as yet inconclusive, step toward approval or denial of Ann and John Ballantine’s proposal to build a second dwelling on their ten-acre Fiske Street property overlooking the Carlisle Cranberry Bog. At their June 26 meeting, attended by Selectman Alan Carpenito, representatives of the Carlisle ...more

Carlisle School releases facilitator’s recommendations

After meeting privately over several months with Carlisle School faculty and officials, in January management consultant John Littleford, recommended ways to improve the school climate, following up with a written summary to the Carlisle School Committee (CSC) and superintendent in May. Former CSC Chair Nicole Burkel gave a presentation on the process and the ...more

Timeline of personnel events at the Carlisle School

Spring 2004. Marie Doyle is hired by the Carlisle School Committee (CSC) as superintendent to replace retiring superintendent Davida Fox Melanson, starting in the fall. CSC members include Nicole Burkel, Michael Fitzgerald, Christy Barbee, Wendell Sykes and David Dockterman. ...more

Honor Roll Committee picks design firm

The Carlisle Honor Roll Committee (HRC) is pleased to report that it has chosen Levi & Wong, a multi-disciplinary design firm offering architectural design, interior design, landscape architecture design and urban design services, to design the new Carlisle Honor Roll/Memorial. ...more

Historical Commission shorts, June 24

The Historical Commission approved two small but significant sections of pathway at its meeting: ...more

Going to the dogs to help disabled veterans

Injured veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars get invaluable help from trained assistance dogs provided by the Canines for Combat Veterans Program and combat veterans’ requests for these highly trained helpers is increasing. It takes intensive work to turn a cuddly puppy into an effective partner that can help a fallen amputee get back on his feet, or ...more

Littleford’s recommendations to improve school climate

Recommendations for the Superintendent

• Let teachers get to know you. ...more

Moving forward to improve the Carlisle School climate

At the June 4 Carlisle School Committee (CSC) meeting former chair Nicole Burkel described facilitator John Littleford’s work with the school and listed initial results from the subcommittees that were formed to move forward on Littleford’s suggestions. (See also “Carlisle School releases facilitator’s recommendations,” page 7.) ...more

Shorts from the RSC, June 24

• RSC praises Finn. Superintendent Brenda Finn, who is retiring at the end of June, was praised and thanked for her efforts, accomplishments and leadership for the Concord-Carlisle School District and the Concord Public School District. RSC Chair Jerry Wedge said, “She has done more to improve our school in the last five years than any other superintendent ...more

ConsCom agenda for Thursday, July 10

7:30 p.m., Town Hall

7:30 Minutes, bills, agenda items ...more

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