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Friday, July 4, 2008

Historical Commission shorts, June 24

The Historical Commission approved two small but significant sections of pathway at its meeting:

Pathway at Ferns corner. Larry Bearfield, co-owner of Ferns Country Store, and Deb Belanger, chair of the Pathways Committee, presented a plan for paving a small section of an existing dirt path that extends from the library crosswalk on Bedford Road to Ferns. Where the pathway meets Ferns piazza, the asphalt will be replaced by brick pavers extending outward from the piazza. The remainder of the pathway will follow the town’s standard specifications for pathways in the Historical District – four-foot-wide paths, with two layers of asphalt topped with a chip-seal coating. Belanger underscored the importance of this portion of the pathway and said, “It looks as though we will have sufficient funds for it.”

Pathway at ATM driveway. A second small pathway will be installed from the driveway next to the ATM on Bedford Road along the property at the corner of Bedford Road and School Street, ending at the crosswalk to the Common. It will be installed immediately adjacent to the existing granite curbing and will also follow the standard specifications for the Historic District.

ADA issue. Belanger informed the commission about an ADA issue involving a resident whose family member uses a motorized wheelchair and must drive down a dirt driveway to meet the pathway. The inconsistent surface between the driveway and the pathway could endanger the wheelchair occupant. Selectman Alan Carpenito made a statement supporting the resident’s request. While supporting the concept of accommodating a disabled person’s needs (and the need to comply with ADA regulations), commission members asked whether delivery trucks crossing the pathway surface might damage it. They also asked about maintenance of the driveway section. It was suggested that the driveway apron be paved with asphalt. The property in question is outside the Historic District and outside the purview of the Historical Commission. Larry Sorli questioned whether the entire pathway system is ADA-compliant; it appears not to be. Jack Troast of the Pathway Committee offered to look at cart paths (dirt roads) and dirt driveways along the pathways route in terms of ADA regulations.

Omnipoint at FRS. The commissioners modified the Certificate of Appropriateness granted to Omnipoint, which plans to install a wireless facility in the steeple of the First Religious Society (FRS). Sprint, which applied to lease space at FRS before Omnipoint and was granted a Certificate of Appropriateness, has not yet moved forward on its installation. Omnipoint’s certificate was modified to conform with the specifications originally outlined for Sprint. ∆

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