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Friday, July 4, 2008

Timeline of personnel events at the Carlisle School

Spring 2004. Marie Doyle is hired by the Carlisle School Committee (CSC) as superintendent to replace retiring superintendent Davida Fox Melanson, starting in the fall. CSC members include Nicole Burkel, Michael Fitzgerald, Christy Barbee, Wendell Sykes and David Dockterman.

June, 2005. Carlisle Teachers Association (CTA) sends a letter to Doyle, listing concerns about management.

February, 2006. Principals Steve Goodwin and Michael Giurlando resign.

March 21, 2006. CTA writes to Doyle and the School Committee, listing concerns and encouraging the School Committee to get involved.

April, 2006. Director of Student Support Services Linda Stapp and Business Manager Steven Moore resign.

May, 2006. Doyle receives her annual evaluation by the CSC. There is a recommendation to hire a facilitator to help with strategic planning and to identify the roles and responsibilities of administrators.

June 23, 2006. CTA sends another letter to Doyle, with a copy to the CSC, listing perceived problems.

Summer/fall 2006. Administrative team includes Elementary Principal Patrice Hurley, Middle School Principal Paul Graseck, Director of Student Support Services Karen Slack and Business Manager Heidi Zimmerman.

July 7, 2006. Facilitator Lyle Kirtman of Future Management Systems paid a retainer of $10,000.

September 1-15, 2007. Parent groups meet in homes to discuss concerns about the school. Some CSC members attend.

September 20, 2006. Kirtman spoke at CSC meeting regarding his role as a facilitator. He was hired to assist in strategy and role definition for the new administration team as a result of Doyle’s yearly review by the CSC.

December, 2006. School Committee votes 3-2 to renew Doyle’s contract. By means of another 3-2 vote, the CSC sets the term of her new contract to three years, ending June 30, 2010.

• February, 2007. Doyle was finalist for superintendent post at Manchester-Essex Regional School District, represented by Kirtman’s firm.

• June, 2007. Teachers union (CTA) votes no confidence in the Superintendent Doyle by a margin of 54-3. CTA letter is published in the Mosquito. CSC members meet with teachers and administrators. Mosquito publishes responses from Doyle and CSC.

• June, 2007. It is confirmed that Kirtman no longer works for the Carlisle School. Doyle wrote Kirtman asking for a final itemized bill. CSC proposes to hire a new facilitator.

• July, 2007. Zimmerman tells Selectmen that money for facilitator is not in the FY08 school budget. Money will be taken out of legal expenses and other line items.

• August, 2007. CSC hires facilitator, John Littleford. At the August 23 CSC meeting Doyle lists her first goal for the coming year is to work with Littleford, the faculty and parents to foster a collegial learning environment.

• August 31, 2007. Littleford meets with CSC, administration and faculty representatives. Fee for the day is $4,900.

• September, 2007. CSC voted to spend $28,000 for additional consulting services with Littleford. He holds a team-building workshop with Doyle and other school administrators.

October, 2007. Facilitator holds a workshop on governance with Doyle and the CSC.

• January, 2008. Littleford holds individual interviews with Doyle, administrators, the CSC, and two dozen selected teachers. He then runs a final workshop with 21 faculty members, four administrators, two staff members and the five CSC members. He gives recommendations for improvement to the CSC, superintendent, faculty and CTA leadership. His on-site work is completed.

February-May, 2008. Four subgroups meet to discuss Littleford’s recommendations and suggest implementation strategies. Subgroups are comprised of a mix of administrators, CSC and CTA representatives.

May 1, 2008. Littleford sends a memo to the CSC and Doyle. It includes descriptions of his methods, feedback, recommendations for the superintendent, faculty, CTA leadership and CSC. He recommends that subgroups hold a series of four meetings by the end of June.

May, 2008. Littleford’s total payment is $35,973.07.

May 27, 2008. School Committee meets with all subgroups to hear results.

June, 2008. (Former CSC Chair) Burkel presents Littleford’s recommendations and the subgroups suggestions to the full staff on June 3. The next evening she presents the facilitator and subgroup results to the CSC.

August, 2008. CSC plans to vote on the superintendent’s annual raise. ∆

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