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Friday, July 4, 2008

Police find youths drinking in woods

An early drinking party in a tent in the woods off Hutchins Road was cut short late Monday afternoon, June 23, when police investigated a car parked in the woods and followed a trail to what Lt. Leo Crowe described as a “makeshift fort,” with beer available and empties lying around. Four Carlisle youths between 17 and 19 were apprehended at the site. The parents of the four were called that day. No formal police charges were made at the time, pending a response to a police referral to the Restorative Justice program.

Should the Restorative Justice Program be unable to work with the case or should any of the four young men decline to seek that solution, the charges Carlisle Police would make would be serious, including trespassing and use of marijuana (admitted by one). A small tree at the site was cut down and candles burning in the tent were within four inches of the top of the tent according to Crowe.

The Restorative Justice Program is an alternative to the court system for juveniles who agree to participate in that alternative. All the persons involved: the offenders, parents, police, injured parties, if any, and their advocates agree to a resolution of the problem that brought them to the Restorative Justice Circle. When the agreed action has taken place, the circle reconvenes and the matter is concluded without a police or court record. ∆

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