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Friday, July 4, 2008


Conservationists are honored in verse

John Lee, former member of the Conservation Commission, announced the three winners of the Conservationist of the Year Award in verse. Lee poetized, in part:


Spang , Freedman and Zoll

Ok. Ok. I shall try to be brief

This can’t be too long or I’ll get some grief

From Doug here who is chomping at the bit

And wishing I would get on with it!

It is always an honor to present

The COY award to the residents

Who have given so much time and love

To insure that Carlisle’s citizens can rise above

The usual ex-urban sports and ennui,

to get outdoors and away from TV

to really walk in our fields and woods;

to forget for a while their coulds and shoulds,

relax a bit in the way we had ought

in the beauty the we in Carlisle have sought (or bought!).

This year my honor is thrice the fun:

There are three honorees instead of one!

Each one of them in their own special way

Has given all of us all about two years and a day

To produce the so-called O, S and R

(A better one, say we, than rest by far!)

So that those who venture out to recreate

Won’t get lost as they perambulate

from Castle Rock through field and fen

to Greenough Pond and back again.

They took note of every nook and feature,

Detailed every rare and common creature,

Described the trails, the fields for sports,

The fields for birds and the paths for walks.

This labor of love as you may guess

Takes hundreds of hours and great finesse

To produce a report that the State will bless.

But wait a moment while I digress.

Each of these people in their own special way

Has changed our town for the better we say.

(At least we would be none the worse

Were it not for my attempt to honor with verse!)

Steven Spang has been here for years.

On Conscom and the Land Trust

He has served with his peers

To save what we have thought was worth keeping

And articulated thus at so many town meetings.

In this case, he’s the shepherd who kept track of the flock-

Seven volunteers and people ad hoc-

Who sometimes were prone to getting off-track

Until Steve reasserted the plan of attack.

David Freedman is the quiet man

Who served for years on the Commission of Plan.

While there he has helped perpetuate

The quietude that is our estate.

His patience with formatting was put to the test

As edits and updates which were thought to be best

Had to be inserted, deleted, removed and replaced.

But he handled it all the consummate grace.

Mary Zoll you may not yet well know

yet her influence, too, is beginning to show.

Poet-in-residence and doctor of spelling and grammar

She is the best at giving bland text some glamour!

She was the editor who re-read and re-read

Until open space virtues spun in her head.

She never gave in to the need for reflection

Until they had nailed the open space and recreation connection.

Thus the triumvirate of Spang, Freedman and Zoll

Have reached the top of this year’s COY poll.

To them we owe a significant debt

For without their efforts we would not have met

The state’s requirements for an OS and R report

That should be your open space reference of first resort.

Therein is described our town in all of its glory

while telling our complete open space story

describing each asset in minute detail

so that you in your leisure may avail

Yourselves of the results of their travail.

Most other towns would hire outside consultants

But in Carlisle, you see, we have talents abundant:

These three word- and fact-wrestlers were put to the test

And every state agency knows that what we got was the best.

It is their type of energy, thought and concern

That exemplifies service for which most other towns yearn.

Their dedication to us and our open space

Is what makes Carlisle such a singular place.


© 2008 The Carlisle Mosquito