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Friday, June 27, 2008

ConsCom seeks Land Stewards

Land Stewards monitor:

• Condition of plants, animals, land and water

• Unusual sightings, such as wildlife, unique plants, nesting birds, etc.

• Condition of the structures, such as kiosks, parking lots, signs or trash barrels

• Encroachments along the property boundaries, such as dumping, altering rock walls, building new paths

• Violations, such as fires, unpermitted parties, motorized vehicle use, plant removal etc.

• Littering problems

Land Stewards may also:

• Maintain bird boxes

• Monitor invasive species

• Make kiosk information “real time” by posting information about sightings or seasonal changes.

For more information or to volunteer, e-mail:

or call the conservation office at 1-978-369-0336. ∆

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