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Friday, June 27, 2008

Board of Health shorts, June 24

Water supply. Board of Health (BOH) chair Jeffrey Brem reported to the board that he had approached the Chelmsford water department about the idea of extending their water supply line down Lowell Street to Carlisle center. He said that Chelmsford felt they would have sufficient water for such a project. Given the cost of at least two miles of piping, the Chelmsford center water district could supply roughly 50 houses in Carlisle center with public water for about $80,000 per residence, estimated board member Michael Holland. The board did not believe there is sufficient need for such a service at this time. BOH member Leslie Cahill expressed a concern that public water or sewage systems might impact the town’s two-acre zoning.

• Ferns expansion proposal. The BOH gave preliminary approval with conditions for Larry Bearfield’s site review pre-application to expand Ferns Country Store to join the adjacent garage. The state Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) determined that Ferns will not need a new septic system so long as the flow rate remains under the limit and the water supply is not considered public. However, there can be no public bathroom and no cafe/lounge constructed until the issue is resolved.

Grant. The board is exploring using the excess capacity in the Carlisle School’s waste water treatment facillity for other buildings in the town center, such as Gleason Library, or Carlisle Village Court. There is a deadline of August 30 for submitting an expression of interest for federal grant money. The first step will be a meeting with the DEP division of municipal services to see if such a project would be appropriate for this type of grant.

Staffing. The board was given approval to extend the hours of Administrative Assistant Gretchen Caywood from 15 hours per week up to 17 hours for three months. The board hopes to employ a senior citizen under the Tax Worker Program to help up to five hours a week with filing and data entry.

Board liaisons. Brem will serve as the BOH liaison for the Board of Selectmen, Holland for the Conservation Commission, Bill Risso for the Carlisle School, Chris Deignan for the Planning Board and Cahill will serve as the liaison with the Council on Aging.

Goals. Brem said that one of his goals for next year would be Lyme disease prevention programs. Another topic raised was teen substance abuse and possible outreach to this section of the population over the coming year. The board plans to discuss goals further at the next meeting. ∆

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