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Friday, June 27, 2008

Planning Board shorts, June 23

Hanover Hill subdivision. Three Planning Board members signed the nearly final version of a subdivision covenant at their June 23 meeting. A fourth board member will sign once the appeal period expires.

131 Cross Street. A public hearing for approval of an Accessory Apartment special permit under section 5.6 of the Carlisle Zoning Bylaws continued. The board approved a draft allowing applicant Mollie MacCormack and husband Chad Darling to build a house with a connected apartment for her parents.

1022 Westford Street, Sorli Farm cell tower. Larry Sorli brought an escrow agreement to the board, designed to satisfy bond requirements of condition #14 of Special Permit issued to Omnipoint Communications Inc. to install, operate and maintain a personal wireless communication facility. Board members decided not to accept the agreement without first consulting town counsel. “We’ve not had an agreement like this before, that’s part of the problem,” said Planning Administrator George Mansfield. Planning Board member Ken Hoffman added, “We only have a couple of issues with the agreement.” Issues include reimbursement procedure in case the town has to dismantle the tower, and desire to add a clause for site restoration.

Tax Worker Program. The Planning Board decided to pursue an opportunity to hire senior citizens through a program sponsored by the Selectmen. The program allows senior citizens to reduce their taxes by working for the town at a rate of $8/hour, up to a maximum of 87.5 hours and $700. The board will potentially need clerical help and/or assistance with special committees such as the alternative energy subgroup and wireless subgroup. ∆

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